Last minute development… The remarkable claim from the Russian press: Putin was trapped

Creation Date: September 13, 2022 12:04

While the offensive of the Ukrainian army continued, a remarkable claim came from the Russian press. State television commented that Putin was ambushed.


past 200 days ukraine war continues at full speed.

While the Ukrainian forces, who took the initiative in the war, continue their attacks, the Russian troops are withdrawing.

Russia Although he describes this situation as ‘regrouping’, the latest situation in the region has caused controversy in the Russian public.

Failure on the field is on the agenda of the Russian media. An interesting claim was made about the situation in the state television, which is under the control of the Kremlin.

Boris Nadezhdin, a former member of parliament, said in a live broadcast comment that “Putin was trapped” and blamed Putin’s advisers.

According to the news in the British newspaper Metro, Nadezhdin said, ‘Those who gave information to Putin that the operation would be quick and effective… these people trapped us all’.


Nadezhdin said, ‘Someone must have told Putin that Ukraine would surrender and flee’, and underlined that peace talks should begin between the two countries.

Stating that they must understand that it is impossible to defeat Ukraine, Nadezhdin said, “It’s time to solve the problems with politics.”

Last minute development... The remarkable claim from the Russian press: Putin was trapped

Russia has been presenting the war as a ‘special military operation’ since the first day of the war.


Zelensky had promised to retake Crimea just hours after the offensive launched in the Kherson direction.

Recapturing Kherson will increase hope for other occupied cities as well. In addition, taking the city will also open the Crimean road pointed by Zelenski.

For this reason, Kherson is also described as the ‘key of Crimea’. Ukraine is struggling to reclaim this region as soon as possible and open the way to Crimea.

Because military experts comment that progress will become more difficult during the winter months.


Russia has been unwilling to disclose military losses for months. Moscow made its first and last official statement on the issue on March 2.


In the statement in question, Russia’s loss of troops in the war was announced as 498. This data has never been updated since then.