Last minute: DAESH operation in Syria from MIT!

The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) caught 19 terrorists who were preparing to attack in the DAESH operation in Syria.

According to information obtained from security sources, it has been determined that the terrorist organization DEASH has formed a special cell in Syria to carry out sensational actions against Turkish Institutions, especially TAF personnel.

With the intelligence and operational support of the MIT, local security forces affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) carried out operations in the areas of Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Peace Spring.

As a result of these operations, 19 DAESH members, 1 of whom was dead, were captured, and many explosives, weapons and ammunition were seized.

Accordingly, the captured cell members admitted that they carried out intensive reconnaissance activities against the Turkish Armed Forces base areas and Turkish institutions in Syria.

DAESH terrorists also admitted that they carried out studies to determine the daily routines of TAF vehicles in Syria and that they attempted 4 actions against TAF vehicles between August and September of this year.

As a result of the operations; 350 kg. TNT, 20 ready to explode IEDs, 14 empty IED devices, 3 suicide belts, 2 suicide vests, 600 detonators, 7 AK-47s, 3 LAW guns, 750 meters long detonating fuse, 1 RPG launcher, 12 pieces of RPG-7 ammunition, 5 pieces of 107 mm mortar ammunition, 2 pieces of assault type grenades, 4 pieces of AK-47 magazines, 4 packages of steel balls, 84 pieces of 9 volt batteries, 1 piece of M-16 (sniper rifle) modified for use as a sniper scope), 3 sniper scopes, 2 7.65 mm. caliber pistol, 1 piece of 9 mm. caliber automatic rifle was seized.