Last minute… Critical meeting ended: MGK’s reaction to Greece’s provocative actions


National security Council (MGK) with critical topics Beştepegathered in. The statement released after the meeting, which lasted 4 hours, included the following statements:


*The provocative actions of Greece, which has not given up on its illegal practices despite our calls to comply with its obligations arising from international law and treaties, have been discussed in detail.

* It was emphasized that we will not refrain from using all kinds of legitimate methods and means for the protection of our nation’s interests against Greece’s futile efforts.

* The circles that encouraged Greece to arm the islands with non-military status were invited to common sense.

Emphasis on the Fight Against TERROR

* Information was submitted to the Board about the operations carried out with determination, determination, and success, both at home and abroad, to all kinds of threats and dangers to our national unity and solidarity, especially PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG-SDG, FETO and DEASH terrorist organizations; Additional measures to be taken against the actions that the PKK/KCK terrorist organization, which is in the process of collapse, may take place in the country and abroad, were discussed.



* Armenia was condemned for its provocative actions against Azerbaijan, and the Armenian administration was reminded of its responsibility to seize the peace opportunity presented to it and to fulfill all contractual obligations.


The decision of the USA to lift the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot Administration was evaluated; A call was made to reverse this decision, which would adversely affect the peace and balance in the Eastern Mediterranean and which is also against the spirit of alliance.


* It was stated that steps aimed at ending the war in Ukraine should be taken without delay and that Turkey would continue its efforts for peace.


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