Last minute: “Close your mouth while taking a shower” recommendation in the USA

US recommendation to “close your mouth while showering”

While the water crisis in the US state of Mississippi continues, it has been reported that the authorities warned the public to “keep their mouths shut while showering to avoid getting any germs”.

According to the information compiled by the American CNN channel from the region, it was stated that as a result of the failure in the water treatment plants in Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, water could not be supplied to many regions, and in the regions where there was no interruption, the water flowing from the taps turned brown and the people used the water by boiling it.

“It’s still safe to take a bath in running water. However, make sure you don’t open your mouth in the shower,” Jim Craig, Mississippi Health Administration Director, told the locals. He also emphasized that pets should not drink tap water.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves stated that he is “not 100 percent sure that the result will work,” trying to fix the malfunction in the mechanism that measures the pH value of water in water facilities in Jackson.

“There will be outages in the future. The problem is unavoidable at this point,” Reevers said of Jackson’s water supply system, which has been in trouble for years. He asked the residents of the region not to drink the water without boiling it.

Local residents complained that they could not get clean water service for more than a month, that they could not afford to buy bottled water, and that they had to wait in long queues for free water distributed at some points.

It was shared that public schools in Jackson have switched to virtual education since Tuesday due to the water crisis, and portable showers and toilets have been installed throughout the campus at Jackson State University.


US writer Keith Boykin on Twitter, USAHe said that it is “not a coincidence” that there are infrastructure problems in cities where the black population is in the majority.

“Once again, another black city is facing a water crisis. 83 percent of Jackson-Mississippi, 54 percent of Flint-Michigan,” the author of the book “Race Against Time: The Politics of a Darkening America” ​​shared. black.” He drew attention to the water crisis in both cities.

The black writer writes, “These crises are not accidental. They result from deliberate neglect of black and other non-white communities.” used the phrase.

President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency for the water crisis in Jackson, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell was reported to be in Jackson on Friday.

After a severe winter storm in February 2021, the water supply pipes in Jackson froze to burst, leaving some residents without water for a month.

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