LAST MINUTE! Cabinet assembles! Here are the topics on the table

Cabinet assembles! Here are the topics on the table

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan The Cabinet Meeting chaired by The meeting at the Presidential Complex lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes.

At the cabinet meeting, where President Erdogan’s contacts at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and then the United Nations meetings will be discussed, the Russia-Ukraine war, the grain corridor, tensions with Greece and terrorist operations will also be discussed.


Parliament begins its new legislative session on 1 October. At the cabinet meeting, new regulations that will come to the Parliament during the legislative period will also be discussed.

At the meeting, new measures to be taken against high inflation, the details of the economy meeting in Istanbul where Mir Card alternatives were discussed, and the latest situation in the social housing campaign will also be discussed.


The work of the relevant ministries for the family support package for the low-income will also be evaluated. While the situation of contracted and subcontracted workers will be another topic to be discussed at the meeting, EYT will also discuss the final situation.

President Erdoğan will make a Address to the Nation after the meeting.