Last minute: Biden’s reply to Putin: Nobody threatens Russia


US President BidenPresident of Russia Putinpart of mobilization‘ and statements of using nuclear weapons UN reacted in the General Assembly.

Here are the headlines from Biden’s statements:

The Kremlin is declaring fake referendums here. Ukraineto annex part of Putin claims he was forced to take this action, but no one threatened Russia. Nobody but Russia pursued the war. “Ukraine was created by Russia,” he said. Now here we see the attacks on schools and hospitals. They are targeting centers of Ukrainian history. We’ve seen Russia’s war crimes in the past. People who saw the burials here said that traces of torture were found.

Last minute: Reply to Bidendan Putin: Nobody is threatening Russia


Whoever you are, whatever you believe in, this should freeze your blood. That’s why more than 100 countries came together in the General Assembly and condemned it. There is more than $25 billion in support here. Today, more than 40 countries have supported billions of liras out of their own pockets. He sent equipment. If countries do not pursue their own ambitions and pay the price, we are risking everything for this institution. We never doubted and stood by freedom, sovereignty and principle. We stood next to Ukraine. Just like you, the USA wants this war to end justly. We must all be clear, we must be strong. Ukraine’s rights are the same as those of the remaining sovereign countries. We will stand against Russia’s aggression. There is a struggle between democracy and autocracies. Here we advocate a view based on democracy. Democracy is our most important goal.



Last minute: Reply to Bidendan Putin: Nobody is threatening Russia

As we gather here, the foundation of the UN charter, the stable just world order, is under threat. The UN charter was not only signed by democracies, citizens of dozens of countries also took part in the negotiation process. The UN charter is something where people can overcome the differences of countries and find common ground. Today, 193 member states here have knowingly adopted these principles. And he kept these principles and principles. I reject violence, war, expansion of borders to conquer countries. I argue that the rights of smaller sovereign countries are the same as those of large countries. If you still want a strong foundation, the USA is ready to work with you. Now this institution had to become more comprehensive. He should not use his veto right here. That’s why the US supports increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent members. The US is determined to fulfill this vital task.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>


369 billion dollar. To combat the climate crisis. There are billions of investments for this. Here, with this new law, US emissions will drop by 1.4 gigatons. This is a global revolution. We don’t have much time, we must do this immediately. Because we see the situation of the climate crisis. As I announced last year, we have kept our global responsibility. Together with the government, we invest 11 billion dollars annually. This need is huge. So let this moment be the moment when we find the will within us. Let’s protect our world with strong, sustainable and clean energy investments. We work with the G7 and other countries at no charge.

Last minute: Reply to Bidendan Putin: Nobody is threatening Russia


We are also fighting head-to-head with the food crisis. There is an increase of 40 million per year here. Today I hear about the $2.9 billion support package. Meanwhile, Russia is lying. He is trying to throw the food crisis into sanctions. Here a blockade was established in the Black Sea for the export of grain. We strongly believe that the world should be fed. Russia is trying to blame the food crisis on sanctions. However, the responsible for the food crisis is their intervention and war in Ukraine. Russia’s war is exacerbating food insecurity. That is why I am grateful for the work in the UN, which established the mechanism for the export of grain in the Black Sea.


We will work for the sustainable continuity of peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. The United States remains committed to Israel’s security. Here we remain committed to the two-state solution for peace and stability. Palestinians have the right to a two-state solution. Both peoples should enjoy equal freedoms. We will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. We can’t let the world go back in time and we won’t allow it to interfere with human rights here. We stand by the brave women and citizens of Iran. The future will be established by countries that use the full potential of their people.