Last minute: Analysis on the Russia-Ukraine war from Foreign Affairs: “TB2 Bayraktar UAVs are an unexpected hero”

While Russia’s attacks on Ukraine on February 24 continued, “How did Ukraine turn the war again?” in Foreign Affairs. In the article, the role of TB2 Bayraktar UAVs in the war was mentioned.

The following statements were included in the introduction to the article written by Lauren Kahn:

“At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most experts expected Kiev to fall rapidly. Ukrainian forces were fighting against a larger and better armed army. Russia‘s troops had more combat experience and funding.

Of course, Kyiv did not fall. Instead, the Ukrainian army stopped the Russian offensive on Kiev and forced a retreat. Russia downsized its mission at the beginning of the war and is now carrying out attacks in the south of Ukraine. The question is no longer how long Kiev can hold out. Whether the Ukrainian government can take back the occupied territories.”


Expressing that there are several reasons for Ukraine’s astonishing success, Kahn said that “the logistical failure of the Russian army and the deterioration of the morale of the Russian soldiers” played a role in this. Kahn added the West’s support for Ukraine and the determination of the Ukrainian soldiers.


Pointing out that Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 UAVs play an important role in the war, Kahn used the following statements:

“Imagine Ukraine’s deployment of Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones. The TB2 is an unlikely hero: cheap, hard to hide, and heavy. But these drones have been very successful at neutralizing even slower or stationary targets like artillery or armored vehicles.

For example, in March Ukraine used them to attack a Russian military convoy north of Kiev and helped Russia withdraw. He deployed a TB2 to transmit coordinates and record the sinking of a Russian rescue tug. Ukraine also creatively turned the drone’s weaknesses into a plus.”

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