LAST MINUTE | Actress and writer Pakize Suda passed away! Who is Pakize Suda, how old is he and what is the cause of death?

Bitter news came from Pakize Suda, who has been struggling with dementia for a while. It was learned that the actor and writer Suda, who took part in the productions of ‘Life Information’, ‘The Intruder’ and ‘Sevda Çiçeği’, died at the age of 70 as a result of a clot in his brain.


Dilara Elagözlü, the niece of Pakize Suda, announced the sad news. Elagözlü said in a statement, “Our dear aunt Pakize Suda, who has been ill for a while and has been receiving treatment, passed away this morning as a result of a clot in her brain. We are very sorry. We express our condolences to her fans.”

Elagözlü then said, “He was reunited with his mother and brother who died before him. I want his loved ones to pray. Our condolences. His funeral will be held in Muğla on 23 December.”


Upon the report prepared at Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Mental Health and Diseases, the court decided to appoint her niece Dilara Elagözlü to Pakize Suda as her guardian in the past months.

Pakize Suda’s niece, Dilara Elagözlü, had the following to say on the subject:

This illness of my aunt lasts for 6-7 years. It started with forgetting, losing their belongings. The people he worked with noticed this, too. He did not accept this ailment for a long time. “Look at yourselves,” he said while he was himself. After my grandmother and aunt passed away one after the other, the emotional things she went through triggered this disease. He did not use thyroid pills for a certain period of time. He told me in one of our conversations, ‘I want to die forgetting everything’. He is a person who has preferred to live on his own since the age of 18 and is happy with his cats. His nervous and suspicious nature developed further with the disease. Over the past few years, his words have become unbelievable. 3 years ago, we received a complaint from around, I went to his house. His house was very messy. I wanted to tidy up but he wouldn’t let me. We wanted to call the doctors but he refused. We try to look as long as we can. There is no cure for this disease yet. The drugs only slow down the symptoms. His physical health is good, but his brain is like this…


Dementia is not a single disease name, it is a finding that can be described with impairment of memory and similar mental abilities.

dementia; It can manifest itself with impairments in memory and thinking ability, attention and decision making, language and speech center. All of these diseases cause some changes in the brain and reveal the specific findings of the diseases.

While some diseases with dementia do not have a definitive treatment and make it impossible to return to their old state, some are diseases that can be cured with treatment.


Pakize Suda went through great pain with the death of her brother Nurhan Suda, who was treated for cancer in 2016.

The famous name, in an interview he gave in the past years, said, “We did not tell my mother that my brother died. You cannot say to an 88-year-old woman, ‘Your daughter is dead’. ‘Why does Nuran not come?’ my mother says, ‘We say she is in the hospital.’ We said that from the very beginning. My mother said, ‘Can a person stay in bed for three months? Go, change his doctor.’ Afterwards, Nuran was the child she was most fond of… My mother didn’t call me ‘Pakize’, she always called me ‘Nuran'”.

Suda, who had a hard time after losing her brother and fell to 49 kilos, was devastated in 2017 with the death of her mother, Sehavet Suda.


Pakize Suda, born on April 23, 1952 in Izmir, was of Cretan origin. After graduating from İzmir Girls’ High School, Suda was selected as the Miss Aegean in a competition she participated in in 1969 when she was 17, and then she started to act as a singer. Pakize Suda, who played supporting roles in some films, became popular during the 1978 World Cup with her song ‘We Women’.


1978 – Give Your Love & This Is Love
1978 – How The World Knows Me & Us Women


We Couldn’t Make Love With Our Mouth
Swallowed Words


1971 – Feride
1971 – Angel of Palaces
1972 – Tarkan: Gold Medal: Honoriya
1973 – Wolf Trap
1976 – Intention To Whom To Whom?
1978 – Scar
1985 – Pain of Separation
1987 – God Bless You
1987 – Knife Wound on My Forehead
1987 – My little one
1991 – Missing Wanted
1996 – There Is No Other Istanbul (TV Series)
1998 – Judas Years
2002 – Pink Booties: Aunt Hadiye
2003 – Life Science: Pakize
2005 – Intruder: Amber
2006 – Son of the Man Who Saved the World
2006 – Flower of Love: Nazan Anne
2007 – Crazy Classroom


Journey to Taste
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In addition, Pakize Suda was a columnist for Habertürk Newspaper for a while.

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