Last Minute: 16 teams defeated by Faroe Islands in history! The national team’s historic defeat…


UEFA Nations C League Group 1 Faroe Islands Turkey faced. A National Team lost 2-1 at the Torsvollur Stadium. Football Our team suffered one of their historic defeats.

The home team’s goals came from Davidsen and Edmundsson in the first half of which ended in a goalless draw. Serdar Gürler scored the only goal of the national team. Previously guaranteed promotion to League B A National TeamWith this result, they took their first defeat in the group and remained on 13 points. The Faroe Islands scored 8.


According to Opta data; Our A National Football Team (three matches), which was defeated for the first time by Faroe Islands, received its first defeat in group matches since September 2021 (1-6 vs Netherlands). The Faroe Islands, on the other hand, are ranked 125th in the FIFA rankings. Our National Football Team is in the 42nd place.



A National Football Team could not win the second away match against Faroe Islands. On July 15, 1991, the crescent-star team left the field with a 1-1 draw in the first match they played with their opponent on the road. National teamwas defeated in the second away match with his opponent and received his first defeat in his history against his weak opponent.

Our crescent-star team is the 16th country the Faroe Islands have defeated since 1982. Here are the 16 teams that the Faroe Islands National Team has defeated in 40 years…

– Malta
– Luxembourg
– Lithuania
– Latvia
– Andorra
– Moldova
– Austria
– San Marino
– Greece
– Estonia
– Canada
– Liechtenstein
– Iceland
– Gibraltar
– Kazakhistan
– Turkey