Last day to fill your tank cheap!

It has been continuing its fluctuating course due to the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on since February. One day before 2023, a great shock to vehicle owners. Here are the current fuel prices…

Hours before the start of the new year, new developments continue to occur in fuel prices due to the fluctuations in brent oil prices and the fluctuation in the exchange rate.

Brent oil prices continue to fluctuate due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war since February. There was a hot development in fuel prices, which were followed closely by vehicle owners. A big shock to vehicle owners one day before 2023. Here are the current fuel prices…

With the approach of the new year, with the increase in oil prices and exchange rates, frequent fluctuations occur in gasoline and diesel prices. While successive discounts and hikes in fuel make it difficult to follow, it has been learned that there will be a big hike in gasoline hours before the new year.

While Brent oil was trading at $83.5, according to journalist Cahit Saraçoğlu, a fuel market expert; Gasoline is expected to increase by 84 cents, effective from midnight tonight.

There is no news of any increase or discount for diesel. Here are the current fuel prices…



Diesel liter 22.02

liter of gasoline 18.61


Diesel liter 22.22

Gasoline 18.82 liters


Diesel liter 22.51

Gasoline 18.82 liters