Last call from Migros! Sunflower oil and granulated sugar will be sold at this price for only 3 more days! On sale both in the market and in the virtual market!

Migros lowered its sunflower oil prices. The discount campaign on sunflower oils will last for only 3 days, both in markets and online shopping.

Migros became one of the most prominent market chains during the year with its sunflower oil discounts. Migros market, which is preferred by those who want to buy cheap sunflower oil, whose prices have increased exorbitantly due to the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, carried out the last campaign of the year. The price of 4 liters of sunflower oil fell to the lowest level in Migros.

While the reactions to the price increases that started in the middle of 2022 continue, Migros’ huge discount campaign continues. Migros, one of Turkey’s largest supermarket chains, launched the last sunflower oil discount of the year. It was stated that sunflower oils, which will be valid for only 3 days, will be limited to stocks. Migros sunflower oil discount price list is in the continuation of our news..


The latest hikes in sunflower oil, which is the basic need of every house, started to bend the citizens’ backs. Migros, which started a campaign in this context, made a big discount on the price of 4 liters of sunflower oil. The deadline for sunflower oil discounts, which started today, was announced as 31 December 2022. This means that the Migros discount is only valid for 3 days.

Those who want to buy sunflower oil cheap should hurry because the stocks will be limited in the campaign. If you want to order sunflower oil from Migros, you can buy sunflower oil cheaply from the market or order online using the virtual market application.

Request; Migros sunflower oil price list:

-Migros sunflower oil 1 liter 37.50 TL

-Swallow sunflower oil 1 liter 39.90 TL

-Migros sunflower oil 2 liters 69.75 TL

-Turna sunflower oil 2 liters 69.90 TL

-Sip sunflower oil 2 liters 92.50 TL

-Emek sunflower oil 4 liters 152.50 TL

-Turna sunflower oil 4 liters 119.90 TL

-Orchid sunflower oil 2 liters 93.90 TL