Last 10 days until the end of Ziraat Bank New Year’s Campaign! 250 TL will be given to everyone!

While many banks continued their campaign announcements due to the arrival of the new year, the details of Ziraat Bank’s campaigns were very curious. While banks continue to announce many campaigns for their customers, the new announcement came from Ziraat bank. There are 10 days left to apply for the Ziraat Bank campaign.

In line with the campaign announcement made by Ziraat Bank, it was announced that citizens who fulfill the necessary conditions will be given 250 TL debit card. With the coming of the new year, while campaigns and discount arrangements were made in many sectors, the announcement from Ziraat bank drew attention. Ziraat Bank’s campaign details took place on the news site of


The details of Ziraat Bank, which was announced on the website, attracted the attention of the citizens. The details of the campaign, which was valid until January 9, 2023, took place as follows;

The campaign is valid between 12 December 2022 – 9 January 2023. Participation must be made via Bankkart Mobil, or SMS. In order to participate in the campaign by SMS, it is necessary to write NEWYIL and send an SMS to 4757. SMS sending is free.

In order to earn Bankkart Lira, it is necessary to participate in the campaign before shopping.

Our customers participating in the campaign will receive a total of 250 TL for each purchase of 750 TL or more at one time from the Bankkart POS at our member stores of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewellery, home textiles, glassware, souvenirs, flowers and books during the campaign. They will earn pounds.


While the details of the campaign announcement valid until 9 January 2023 by Ziraat Bank were specified, the campaign conditions of the bank were as follows;

  • Transactions must be made from the Bankkart POS at our Bankkart contracted member merchants.
  • Only the first transaction will be valid within the scope of the campaign.
  • E-commerce transactions are included in the campaign.
  • Bankkart Liras will be instantly loaded onto the cards of our customers who meet the campaign conditions.
  • Transactions to be made with Bankkart’s credit card and debit card feature will be taken into account for the spending amount.
  • Transactions for which Bankkart Lira will be given within the scope of the campaign can be made in cash or in installments.
  • The campaign is on a customer basis and a customer can earn a maximum of 250 TL Bankkart Lira.
  • Transactions with Bankkart Başak, Bankkart Business and Bankkart Free products are not included in the campaign.
  • Participation in the campaign can only be made by the original card holders. Expenditures made with additional cards will be included in the expenditures of the original cardholder customer.
  • Cancellation, refund, Bankkart Lira usage transactions, cash withdrawal transactions will not be considered within the scope of the campaign.
  • Top-ups to the card are not included in the campaign.
  • If the transactions made during the campaign period are returned, the Bankkart Lira given will be refunded. If there is not enough Bankkart Lira in the Customer’s Bankkart Moneybox, the remaining amount will be debited to the account statement.
  • TC Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. reserves the right to make changes in all of the campaign conditions and to stop the campaign.

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