Kun Aguero is back on the greens

Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero will play football again. Kun Aguero, who had to say goodbye to football from Barcelona in 2021 because his heart was sick, is returning to the green fields again. The Argentine’s new stop will be Barcelona de Guayaquil, the Ecuadorian team with the same name as Barcelona. Aguero also announced that he accepted the offer after meeting with club president and former player Carlos Alejandro Alfaro Moreno.

Barcelona de Guayaquil also announced the transfer on its social media account.

Regarding his re-playing, Kun Aguero said, “I’m excited to play again. I feel good. I have already started training, I will be able to play for Noche Amarilla. I got help from cardiologist. I feel really good, I have a chip that controls everything, that’s how I can play. In 15 days I will play a match with my friends in Spanish Barcelona” said.

Explaining that his transfer was discussed during the World Cup in Qatar, Aguro said, “I went to have dinner in Qatar and while watching Ekdavor’s first game in the World Cup, some Barcelona fans recognized me and asked if I would come and play for their club. I had to keep quiet so as not to give away the surprise‘ he used the phrase.

Kun Aguero’s performance

Kun Aguero, who made his first impact on the European stage in Spain’s Atletico Madrid team, scored 101 goals in 234 matches. Later transferred to Manchester City, Auero did not just continue to score; He is one of the best goalscorers in English Premier League history. With a goal in the 94th minute of Manchester City’s 3-2 win over QPR, he carried Manchester City to their first Premier League title in 44 years.