Kubilay Aka: I don’t have time to be flirtatious!


It doesn’t stop right now. One week in Rome film He shoots, enters another set in Turkey the following week.
TV series on the one hand, and advertising collaborations on the other… One of the most popular names of the last period. Kubilay Aka We meet again in the morning of a day when he will go to the set. Despite the early hour, he is in good spirits. He says he likes to work very much and starts answering questions…

You have three movies. How did you manage to work with such good directors?

There hasn’t been time for a movie in a long time. That’s why I really wanted to make a movie. It is very flattering that such important and experienced directors think that I deserve to work with them.

Kubilay Aka: I don't have time to be flirtatious

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‘I’m not very motherly’

Ferzan OzpetekIf we start with, how did your paths cross?

He is a director that I respect, follow, and watch his films with great love. When he called me to the production company for an interview, my hands were shaking as he left. Our communication has been very good. I am a director with whom I feel very good because he wants to work with me.

How was it working with Özpetek? What kind of movie will it be?

First of all, I was faced with a conscious person who understands you and your feelings very well, can empathize, and is way above the standards. In terms of directing, I call him ‘maestro’. A great eye, a great heart, a great writer. I’m glad I met, worked and learned from him. It will be a short film. The story of a man who longs for what he has lost.

Another work of yours is Umut Evirgen’s ‘Mother’s Lamb’ movie. How would you describe Evirgen?

He is a very unique director. He really loves his job. The story belongs to Feride Çiçekoğlu and Umut Evirgen; I think we are describing the psychological resolution of Murat’s character, played by me, in a brave language.

What kind of character?

In his own prison, Murat is making the trial of truth and falsehood, truth and illusion. I can say that Murat is an unfortunate character…


How much of a mother’s son are you?

I’m not very motherly. My mother is more like my friend.

‘I don’t like taking risks’

There is also the business of Çağan Irmak, where you have just entered the set. How did you cross paths with him?

The set is going great. We understand each other very well. Being a partner with the director is also very important. Çağan Irmak is a very excited and experienced director who gives the actor a lot of space, gives chances, and cares about his team. I feel very happy and safe while working. Our movie will be released on January 6, 2023. I’m excited already.

Also, it’s your first time in comedy, how is it?

I really enjoyed doing something different. It was different from the math I was used to. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, loved it.


Are you a funny guy at your core?

I am not sure. Sometimes I also like very cold jokes. But I’m told I’m fun. I like to laugh, to make unhappy people smile. I want people around me to enjoy life.

You’re making a bet in this comedy business. that you entered in your own life
What was the biggest claim?

Claim is something that has no place in my life. The most common is ‘What are we playing football for’. In general, we already win it. I guess I don’t like to take risks.

One of his lines is “Love is sometimes right next to us”… Have you ever missed a love like this in your life?

Love manifests itself in a way. Sometimes it is a small glance, sometimes he smiles at you differently from others, sometimes you are in another peace with him… As much as a grain of sand.
I think love is the fastest feeling we can feel. So if I missed it, it’s not love for me anyway. Love can’t miss.


What are your criteria in love?

Sincerity. Plan, tactics, math etc. without a friendly atmosphere. No matter what happens to you, a sincere smile or a hug is sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world.

You went in front of the camera with Hazar Ergüçlü. He is also your friend… What kind of relationship do you have, how is it to play together?

It was very reassuring to be on the set with someone who is so respectful to his job, disciplined, and knows his job until the last word of the last episode. It’s fun to play against each other. Even the slightest change in his energy and emotion can be seen in each of his cells. I consider myself very lucky to be in front of him in the series. I learned a lot from Hazar. A friend I value very much.

Kubilay Aka: I don't have time to be flirtatious

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There are some stickers sticking on it. Let me ask you frankly, are you a liar as they say?

There are labels attached to everyone. I think judging from where we sit makes us feel important. I don’t have time for flirting.

Well, did you cheat and hurt a lot of people?

No, on the contrary, if I have done something wrong to someone and hurt them, I will work hard for that person. If I have broken someone’s heart without even realizing it, I cannot sleep well at night. The issue of cheating is, first of all, self-deception. Something that brings a great mistake and a guilty conscience. They are also the proof that I will not repeat what I have experienced, good or bad.

Why do you think these adjectives were assigned to you?

I’ve been in front of the camera since I was 20 years old. At the same time magazine And the press community we call… I am now 27 years old. It is an important and important age for a person to be careful, a period when we grow up, increase our awareness and mature. Those who watch and follow witness our growth. Just like the people who stick the labels, like their children, friends, relatives, we make some mistakes and right, because we are human. It is not possible for them to make us good or bad, but I can understand; they don’t know, they only know as much as is projected or launched. That’s why the stickers that are affixed become worthless.

my goals clear and clean

You’ve been in our lives for seven years. What has this time taught you?

I’m at the very beginning of the road. But I have a motto I believe in: “Good things don’t come easy.” I think this time added it to me. It is important to be patient and grateful.

While living a quiet life in Muğla, you are discovered by chance. How did the magazine that came with it affect your life?

I respect the magazine. I am happy when they do this with morality and respect. But I can’t lie, it was never something I cared about. I think about what it will do for me to focus on my job and do it.

How far do you think you were thrown while all this was happening?

Regardless, I’ve never been swayed. Sometimes the wind blows, but I care about keeping the roots intact. My family, friends and close circle care about what comes out of my mouth, and I don’t lie to them. Apart from that, even if there are storms outside, I go to the set, play my game in my playground, and continue to enjoy life. No external factors for me.

Do you live life with plans or with the flow?

Of course, I have plans and dreams. What I want most is to be able to do this job abroad. Language training etc. I do whatever it takes. My goals are very clear and clean.

Kubilay Aka: I don't have time to be flirtatious


I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself…

The song you sang for ‘The Pit’ has been watched millions of times. How did your relationship with music begin?

He came into my life at the age of 16 when my father bought a guitar. I’m still in a place where I developed myself. I have a small studio at home. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself; I love getting lost there for days.

Which is more difficult?

I have different emotions in both. Both are things I’m still at the very beginning of. Hope it makes the experience easier.