Kremlin’s ‘mobilization’ statement: Errors occurred

WALL – Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov referred to reports that some citizens who do not meet the criteria announced after the ‘partial mobilization’ announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin last week were called to arms. Saying that “some calls were made by mistake”, Peskov said, “There were cases where the decree was violated.” Kremlin Spokesperson stated that the errors in question were corrected by local authorities and the Ministry of Defense.


Peskov stated that no decision has been taken to close the borders against those fleeing the mobilization mission. Kremlin spokesman said, “There is no decision taken on this issue at the moment.”

The Kremlin’s statement came after a proposal to “ban travel abroad”. In the Federation Council, it was demanded that persons of military age should be banned from traveling abroad. “Currently, anyone of conscription age should be banned from traveling abroad,” said Senator Sergey Tsekov, a member of the Federation Council, who brought up the proposal.

Recently, the President of the Russian Federation Council, Valentina Matviyenko, said that they were aware of the reports that those who did not meet the criteria were called to arms. Saying that he found the public’s reactions on the subject justified, Matviyenko said, “Such disproportionateness is absolutely unacceptable.”


Announcing that they had taken a ‘partial mobilization’ decision to ensure the security of the lands under the control of the Russian army in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the decision would be valid from Wednesday. “The West does not want peace between Ukraine and Russia,” said Putin, and argued that Western countries are blackmailing Russia.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced that a total of 300,000 reserve soldiers would be called within the scope of partial mobilization. Minister Shoigu said that those who will be subject to partial mobilization will only be ‘people who have served in the military, have undergone special military training or have military experience’. Noting that only 1 percent of those who can be called to duty during the partial mobilization will be sent to the front, Shoigu stated that those who will be assigned to the mobilization in Ukraine will undergo military training in preparation beforehand.


On the other hand, Nikolay Peskov, son of Kremlin Spokesperson Dimitry Peskov, was also told that he was drafted in the phone joke. Peskov replied, “Absolutely not! You must understand that it was not right for me to be there. I have to solve this in a different way.” “If I have to defend my homeland, I will do my best,” said Nikolay Peskov, adding, “You need to understand the political implications and nuances of my situation.” (EXTERNAL NEWS)