Kremlin-Wagner feud grows… War within war in Russia

As Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine was about to complete its first year, war-within-a-war broke out in Russia. Wagner mercenary army boss Yevgeny Prigojin, who claimed that Ukraine lost thousands of mercenaries on the Donbas front and captured the town of Solidar, officially accused the Russian Ministry of Defense of stealing the victory.


The fight between the Ministry of Defense and ‘Wagner’ in Russia started with the successful counterattack of the Ukrainian army in the Lugansk region last autumn. Prigojin accused Russia’s official army of incompetence. Yesterday the fight literally surfaced. Declaring that they have captured the town of Solidar, where 10,000 people live, for the first time in Ukraine in 11 months, with their own forces, Prigojin said, “The military bureaucracy, which wants to keep their seats, does not want to use the word Wagner. “They want to steal the Solidar victory by ignoring our successes on the front,” he said.


A new statement was made by the Russian Ministry of Defense upon this exit of Prigojin. In the statement of the Ministry of Defense, which stated that Solidar was definitely under the control of Russia on January 14, “The success of the operation was possible thanks to the relentless artillery and missile fire opened by the Russian army on the Ukrainian positions. The Wagner formation also contributed significantly to the seizure of Solidar.


– Known as “Putin’s cook” until 2010, Prigojin’s star shone with the company he founded, “Konkord”. He began to do the job of supplying food to the Russian army.

– By 2012, he started to show up on the African and Syrian fronts by recruiting ex-soldiers.

– Two months ago officially WagnerPrigojin admitted that he was the boss of . He also declared that he was at the forefront of the Ukraine war. With the latest debuts of 62-year-old Prigojin Russia It is said that he is coveting the post of Minister of Defense and even wants to enter Russian domestic politics.