Kim Kardashian taught business at Harvard

Reality show star Kim Kardashian has been invited to Harvard Business School, where top CEOs, prominent politicians, and the nation’s most successful names have been invited. American reality show star Kim Kardashian gave a lecture at Harvard, one of the world’s leading universities, in Boston, USA, on January 20.

Kardashian, who founded the clothing brand SKIMS in 2019, was a guest speaker at the last session of the conference series where successful entrepreneurs were invited at Harvard Business School in Boston, USA.

According to Independent Turkish Participants stated that the reality star’s speech at the conference was a surprise for students and teachers.

NBC10 Boston news channel, which recorded the moments when Kardashian left the seminar, stated that the students found the approximately 2-hour speech of the founder of SKIMS, which was worth $ 3.2 billion last year, useful.


Many users questioned what kind of advice Kardashian gave as she didn’t have a college degree. But a student named Liz said she learned a lot from Kardashian at NBC10 Boston: “I think a lot of people don’t respect him as someone who runs a multi-billion dollar company. It was really exciting to even learn from someone who has built such a successful business, and I think it was special to have the privacy without the cameras and be able to have that candid conversation.”

On the other hand, Kardashian’s speech at Harvard received much harsher criticism than Twitter.

a user, “This is ridiculous. Kim Kardashian can’t even get the letters of Harvard right” he wrote.

Another used the following expressions: “Kim Kardashian was born into wealth. She tried to pursue an acting or singing career using the sex tape, but failed both. Kim K is rich enough to put on a fictional reality show. At the same time, she and her family are both shameless. Harvard is now as outdated as the Kardashians.”

someone else too “The words Kardashian and Harvard should never be in the same sentence” said.


The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change invited Hakan Ural as a speaker for a talk on “Conversation on Environment and Media”. All staff were invited to the conference to be held on Monday, January 23 at 14:30. There were many posts on the subject on social media. Here are the highlights of those posts:

– “The only conference that Hakan Ural will give on the environment should be how to drive people like Hakan Ural away from your environment.”

“The Ministry of Environment invited Hakan Ural as a speaker on Climate Change. With this giant scientific move, all balances change, even the climate changes!”

“Oh my country, my country. Hakan Ural, who announced that he dropped out of secondary school 2, will give a lecture at the Ministry of Environment. Scientists are expected to be listeners.”