Killer dolphins versus spy divers

On the 1945 platform, which included analyzes of the USA’s nationwide safety and international coverage “Russia’s Secret Weapon of the Ukrainian Struggle: Dolphins?” An article has been printed.

Within the article by writer Blake Stilwell, Russiaof Ukraine within the conflict “killer dolphins” allegedly used.

Stating that the Ukrainians launched an offensive towards the lands they misplaced, Stilweel mentioned that Russia Sevastopol PortHe mentioned that he made some makes an attempt to forestall the assault.

Stilwell, the flagship cruiser of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, hit by Neptune missiles in April 2022 Moscowand on October 8 Crimean BridgeRecalling the explosions in CrimeaHe claimed that the Russian navy presence in Turkey was at risk.


Stilwell, USA, North Korea and IsraelHe said that educated killer dolphins had been used to guard essential naval bases in Russia, and claimed that Russia additionally resorted to the identical strategies.

Stilwell, speaking in regards to the aforementioned strategies of the USA, “Not solely does it use dolphins, it additionally enlists sea lions to detect submarine mines and seek for combative divers who’ve infiltrated the waters round American bases. Russia has equally protected dolphins and quite a few different animals, together with seals and beluga whales, for the reason that days of the Soviet Union. used for he mentioned.

Stilwell gave examples from Russia’s practices, “It was revealed that he had mounted a GoPro digicam on one of many beluga whales off the coast of Norway in 2019. Nonetheless, the whale fled away from the management space” mentioned.

Stilwelli mentioned that killer dolphins cannot do something towards a long-range missile, and may very well be the perfect dependable interceptor towards naval commandos and spy divers.


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