Kibar will call $460 million “Made in USA”

While Assan Aluminum plans to add an 80 million dollar recycling facility to the 100 million dollar investment it has made in Turkey in the last three years, it has also increased its target abroad. The company, which is preparing to establish a facility with an annual production capacity of 120 thousand tons for 460 million dollars in the USA, is looking for the state that offers the appropriate energy cost to make the final decision. Thus, the company, which will overcome the tax walls with “Made in USA”, will also turn to new markets for its capacities in Turkey. The company’s branding also includes the Asia-Pacific region.

Aluminum 2022 Düsseldorf, one of the important fairs of the sector, was held last week after four years due to the pandemic. Assan Aluminum, one of the Kibar Holding companies, hosted a group of press members from Turkey at its stands at the fair and answered their questions.

Ali Kibar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kibar Holding, shares that 50 years of their holdings and Assan Alimünyum’s 35th anniversary will be behind, and gives information about its investments of almost half a billion dollars. Kibar said, “Some of our buyers have a ‘Made in USA’ requirement. The USA offers significant opportunities. We will choose from 12 states. We are working in this area,” he says. Kibar said, “We are targeting an annual production of 120 thousand tons in our facility in the USA, which we plan to realize with an investment of 460 million dollars. Our strategy is to strengthen our Asia Pacific presence while growing in Europe and America with aluminum. Disruptions in the supply chain and supply shortages in global markets will also change the industry. We are ready for this transformation. Every new investment will strengthen us in this transformation.”

Kibar Holding Corporate Development and Strategy Vice President Gökhan Lokmanoğlu (from left to right), Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO of the holding, Ali Kibar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kibar Holding, and Göksal Güngör, General Manager of Assan Aluminum, said that their company Assan Hanil continues the product development process for TOGG’s front and rear bumper, radiator carrier and ventilation duct.


Underlining that they are an industrialist group, Ali Kibar said, “We have a growth target of 3-7 percent every year, and we continue to grow by focusing on production and export in a stable manner. Our 2021 turnover is 4.6 billion dollarAbout 70 percent of this figure consists of exports. We export from our more than 20 production facilities in 5 continents. In the first half of this year, we grew by 30 percent in terms of turnover. Our year-end growth target for the group is 5 percent”.


Drawing attention to the feature of aluminum, Kibar said, “It is a very precious metal of our planet that can be recycled 100 percent. It also has an important place in developing micromobility. Both these rising trends show that we are in the right place.” R&D Kibar also reminds that the products developed with the company give them great strength, and notes the following: “For example, 3423 product, which is an alloy completely exclusive to Assan Aluminum, is produced with over 95 percent recycled materials other than primary aluminum. It creates 50 percent less carbon footprint than equivalent products. This product can be easily used by customers in the automotive and packaging sectors, primarily in the construction sector. In addition, our R&D has developed an airplane seat that weighs only 7 kilograms, it is both light and durable. In an airplane, we will thus be able to provide almost 1.5 tons of lightness.”

New investment in recycling, partnership in batteries…

In his speech at the meeting, Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı informed that Assan Aluminum started 3 years ago and the investment of 100 million dollars has been completed to a large extent, saying: “Thus, we brought one of the most advanced rolling mills in the world to our country. Durable consumption together with the cold rolling line investment, automotiveWe will provide very effective service to the construction sector as well as the heating and cooling sectors. By increasing our production capacity to 360 thousand tons, we became one of the two largest aluminum foil producers in Europe. In flat aluminum, we are among the top 5 in the world in our own technology. Assan Aluminum makes 60 percent of the total sector exports in Turkey. Next year, we will invest 80 million dollars in a recycling facility. We will once again demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by establishing a recycling facility.” On the other hand, Kayabaşı mentions that they are also working on micromobility and states that a partnership process they are working on continues on battery and battery and reminds that they have obtained a charging station license.

We will reset our carbon footprint by 2025

Göksal Güngör, General Manager of Assan Alüminyum, is also the global president of the Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Association (GLAFRI). In fact, Güngör has recently been elected to this position for the third time. Sustainability studies occupy a significant part of Güngör’s agenda. Güngör says the following in this area: “Our production facilities’ annual electricity energy We produce clean energy equivalent to consumption in our renewable energy production facility in Manavgat. We balance all of our scope 2 emissions by obtaining the internationally recognized I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) certificates for renewable energy production. In addition, we recycle aluminum, which can be recycled endlessly and 100 percent in our integrated recycling facility. We are the first and only holder of the ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) certificate in Turkey. We are resetting our carbon footprint by 2025.”