Kerim Kerimol passed away! Emotional farewell from Osman Boyner

Kerim Kerimol, one of the founders of Altınyıldız death he did. Osman Boyner published a newspaper advertisement for Kerim Kerimol, who passed away at the age of 95. The ad reads: “Since my youth, my best friend, Altınyıldız and Beymen, with whom I walked hand in hand, and whom I trusted endlessly. gold I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear, visionary colleague Kerim Kerimol, the veteran of the Turkish textile and retail industry, my dear friend and brother. Condolences to all of us, may he rest in peace, may he rest in peace”.

Boyner Family, Altınyıldız and Boyner Group also advertised for Kerimol.

business person Cem Boyner shared the following message regarding the death of Kerim Kerimol:

“Brother of my brothers, my teacher, my guide, my brother, my mountain behind me, my brain, my dervish, my Bektashi, my master of pleasure, my archive, my historian, my storyteller, the human being is human. Kerim KerimolWe lost him… Rest in peace Mirek Lomirek, our memories are enough for me… Thanks to you, I am a very lucky person… You have made the life of every person you touched beautiful, and this will be enough for you on your new journey, well… Send our love and longing to those you meet”

His funeral will be buried today

Kerimol’s funeral will be buried in Edirnekapı Martyrs’s Family Cemetery, following the noon prayer to be held at Teşvikiye Mosque on January 2, 2023.

“My wife is textile, my darling is ready to wear..”

In an interview with Hürriyet Newspaper in 2001, Kerimol said the following about his life and business life:

– I have a girlfriend and a wife. My wife is textile, my lover is ready-made clothing. I did my education in Scotland as a textile engineer. Until this date, I have always been in the clothing industry. A man should do what he knows well.

– Let me tell you why I have three daughters: In 1903, two partners produced a car that would be the best in the world that day and after. One was a financier and the other had technical knowledge. Rolls and Royce. By 1933 Rolls was dead. At the 30th anniversary dinner, Royce stood up and said: ‘The first car that came out of our factory in 1903 was the best car in the world. The last car to leave the factory this morning is the best car in the world. It cannot be otherwise, the quality cannot be changed with us because the concierge will not allow it.’ I didn’t want the quality to change either. My two little girls chose fashion and textile marketing as a profession. But my relationship with my eldest daughter is a little lemony. He made me a grandfather at this young age.

– Frankly, I expected a boy at first sight. They gave me the name of my father’s father. My father was also a very respected and respected man. I thought I’d give his name to my son. When Rüheyma, my eldest daughter from my first wife, was born, I said what should we do, it was not my destiny. By the way, Esra was born from my second marriage. She was such a beautiful baby, she. I was so happy with the first two that when it comes to the birth of the third, Serra, I would not risk any more, and I wanted this to be a girl.

– In 1972, I was the technical manager of Altınyıldız. Once upon a time, Angelo Zegna came to Turkey. I already knew the fabrics very well due to my profession. When the import doors were opened after the 1945s, their fabrics were coming. They wanted to do a part of the production in Altınyıldız. This togetherness lasted until 1975. I was also President of the International Fashion Council until 1980. In 1989, Zegna offered to work together.

– I have a strange habit. Even if I don’t like the sold item on the customer, I’ll tell you and I won’t mind.