Kayserispor President closed the door to the player that the adults wanted

There has been a crisis before

Previously, Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş had said to Onur Bulut, “He is a successful player, of course, I would like him to join us. It would be nice to see him here” and drew the reaction of the Kayserispor front. Kayserispor made the following statements in its statement:

We have learned with surprise the statement of Beşiktaş Club Coach, Mr. Şenol Güneş, regarding the transfer of our professional football player Onur Bulut. Mr. Güneş knows that the contract of our football player is still in progress. The statement he made is problematic no matter how one looks at it, and it is against the law, especially the TFF instructions. We think that Mr. Şenol Güneş should have foreseen the possible negative consequences of such an approach, including the temptation of the football player and even beyond.

“We expect it to act in accordance with regulations”

We expect this behavior, which ignores the good relations with Beşiktaş Club that goes back many years, to be carefully evaluated by Mr. Ahmet Nur Çebi and handled in a way that is compatible with our friendship. As a result, we bring the TFF regulations, which the transfer process of a professional football player is subject to, to the attention of Mr. Güneş, and we express to him that we expect him to act in accordance with these regulations.