Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

But I guess, on the one hand, the fact that the British royal family is very crowded, the tragedies that its members experience one after the other, the scandals it creates and the occasional “fairy tale” always keep their interest alive. Who knows, maybe they also give material to the press and the public from time to time as a kind of public relations activity. But sometimes the events they don’t want leak out behind closed doors.

The family is under the spotlight again, as the Queen’s death, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle’s endless statements lately. Let’s put all this aside and evaluate this family from another angle. Through the clothing of the female members! Because the fashion preferences of almost all women who were born in this family or joined them later on are always at the top of the agenda.

In general, the clothes they wear are out of stock, imitations are produced, and even these are scrambled. There is also the other side of the event, the other side of the coin. The family’s fashion icon women don’t always dress perfectly. Some sometimes make such mistakes that they are not erased from memory for years. Sometimes, despite all their care, they suddenly become victims of something wrong. Like a belt that opens out of the blue, a shoe that comes off suddenly, like a sudden strong wind… Let’s take a look at them now. So let’s remember the little dress accidents or wrong choices suffered by the British royal family women who always wear “two dirhams a core”.

ONE OF THE WORST CLOTHES OF ALL TIME: Princess Beatrice created an unforgettable image with this choice. But in a negative way!

Let’s start with Princess Beatrice, who for years has been described as one of the worst dressed women in the family. Because this image of her has already taken its place among the worst in the history of fashion. Beatrice was among the guests of a summer party held in London in 2017. She of course wanted to be stylish like everyone else. But she had made a big mistake, she.

The dress she wore had transparent details. On top of that, the body that the Princess wore to look better was completely revealed by the effect of the toning light. Because of that image, Beatrice was at the top of the worst dressed celebrities lists for a long time. Let’s also say that Princess Beatrice changed her dressing style after she married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. So she dresses much better than before. While some attribute this to her happiness in marriage and the fact that she takes more care of herself, others argue that her husband, who is known for his advanced aesthetic taste, took up the clothing business.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

FORGET TO REMOVE THE LABEL OF THE DRESS: Meghan Markle had a lot of faults with her dress while she was on tour with Harry when she just joined the family.

Now, to Meghan Markle, the most eventful bride of the British royal family. American actress Markle, who married Prince Harry in 2018, has tried to dress as appropriately as she can since she joined the family. But sometimes he also made mistakes that cannot be erased from the memories. It was even made fun of at times. One of them happened in 2018, shortly after they got married, while they were on tour.

Markle was wearing a red dress as she stepped off the plane at the Tonga leg of the tour. Especially the color attracted a lot of attention. But there was another detail that stood out: the tag hanging from the bottom of the skirt of the dress. So this was not the case before. That’s why Markle long magazine did not come off the headlines of their site.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

On the New Zealand stop of the same tour, Markle drew attention with the transparency of the hem of the dress she wore. This detail, which attracts more attention with the effect of the sun, was criticized for not being in accordance with the royal family’s dress code.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

THIS IMAGE IS STORED: Meghan Markle‘s sweaty armpits became one of the most talked about fashion headlines of 2020.

One of Markle’s mistakes was the image in this frame. In 2020, Harry and Meghan announced that they had decided to separate from the family and attracted all the attention. The couple, who stayed in Canada for a while after their son Archie was born, visited a cultural center belonging to this country as soon as they returned to London. Here is the image that comes to mind from that visit, Markle’s armpits were soaked with sweat. While some criticized this, others attributed it to Meghan’s naturalness.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

WEAR THE SHIRT REVERSE: Kate’s use of this shirt from a famous fashion brand has been discussed at length.

Kate Middleton is one of the most prominent members of the British royal family. When this is the case, it would not be wrong to say that he is the most scrutinized member. Kate, who wore miniskirts in the first years of her entry into the family and had a difficult time with these skirts swaying in the wind, survived these accidents when the Queen put her weight on the situation. But this time, he is being criticized by some circles for dressing very old fashioned. Anyway… Let’s leave that aside and remember some details that he signed with his clothes.

This purple shirt he wore to an event had been the subject of controversy for a very long time. The reason for this was the allegations that the Princess of Wales wore this shirt incorrectly. According to fashion experts, Kate had swapped the front and back of the shirt and wore it. While this was a joke by some, others described it as a creative use. One way or another, Kate’s choice is engraved in our memories.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

Let’s come to another outfit of Kate. This is the black dress she wore to an event in her early years in the family. Kate was the victim of an event just like Princess Beatrice, with this dress, which bears the signature of a fashion designer she loves very much and uses her designs frequently. With the effect of spotlights and exploding flashes, the dress became too transparent. Kate has not worn such dresses for a long time.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

CREATED FOR DRESSING IN COLORS: While everyone was wearing black at the height of the #metoo movement, Kate’s wearing green was the subject of criticism.

One of the events where Kate’s dressing style was criticized took place in 2018. Middleton, who was pregnant with her youngest child, Louis at the time, attended the BAFTA awards ceremony, chaired by her husband, Prince William, wearing a striking green dress with a deep cleavage. She wore a necklace of emeralds and diamonds around her neck. But it did not escape the criticism. As for the reason…

It was revealed in Hollywood that year that Harvey Weinstein harassed a large number of female stars and starlets. Confessions on this subject came one after another. So the #metoo movement had begun. That’s why female stars wore black at all award ceremonies. Kate, on the other hand, was the only person to dress in color at that BAFTA ceremony, as she could not take sides due to her position. That’s why he drew the arrows of criticism. Although she wore a black belt on her dress, this still did not save her from criticism.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

HE PROTECTED aunt from the wind: Kate Middleton, although she dresses very carefully, is sometimes patronized by the wind. One of them was Sophie Wessex, one of the people who had the best time in the family.

Kate Middleton Although he dresses more carefully now, he is sometimes under the influence of events beyond his control. like the wind. Kate, who made headlines unwillingly because of her short skirts in her early years in the family, was patronized by a strong wind at Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank. No matter how careful she was, she became a victim of the wind both when entering and leaving the ceremony.

Even at the end of the ceremony, while she was waiting with her family, her skirts took off due to the blowing wind. On the one hand, while she was trying to recover this situation, on the other hand, Sophie Wessex, one of the family members with whom she was on good terms, tried to prevent her from being viewed that way.

Kate dressed in colour, Meghan sweated profusely

Let’s go back a little further… The most tragic member of the family Princess Diana Even before her marriage to Prince Charles, the rapprochement between them suddenly became the center of attention of the press. Diana worked in a kindergarten. A photograph taken at that time was perhaps one of the most published photographs in the history of the press. This was because Diana was a victim of backlight. Due to the direction of the light, the young woman’s skirt had become transparent. That image has been remembered for years as one of the first images that come to mind when Diana is mentioned.