Kate and Meghan got into a bad fight: You’re a baby brain!

Let’s briefly recall that event. In 2018, during the preparations before the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the news that there was an argument between the two brides of the British royal family, Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, who was officially preparing to become Prince Harry’s wife, was reflected in the press.

It is said that the subject of discussion was the dress of the bride’s bridesmaids. Kate Middleton was a supporter of bridesmaids, including her daughter Charlotte, to wear stockings, while Meghan Markle, on the contrary, was against this and advocated that little girls should be without socks. According to another claim, Meghan even said Kate’s daughter Charlotte was overweight for her bridesmaid dress, and portrayed her friend Jessica Mulroney’s little girl as ideal.

During this discussion, one of the parties shed tears. According to the allegations that were reflected in the press at the first moment, Kate was the crying party, and Meghan was the one crying. But Markle told Oprah Winfrey during an interview with her husband that on the contrary, she was the one crying. She even claimed that Kate later sent her flowers to apologize. Request Prince HarryHe also mentioned this event in his book Spare, in which he wrote his memoirs. In fact, Meghan Markle, who at the time gave birth to her youngest son, Louis, just a month ago. Kate Middleton He also included the words he said about him.

Kate and Meghan got into a bad fight: You're a baby brain

According to Harry’s book Meghan Markle“You must be baby-brained because of your hormones,” said his wife, Kate, who had just given birth to her youngest son, Louis, just a month ago. Meghan’s words naturally caused Kate to be upset. But again, Harry suggested, Meghan also felt offended by Kate’s scolding.

According to the story in the book, Kate reacted when Meghan told her, “You’re a baby brain because of your hormones.” She told Eltisine that they weren’t close enough to comment on their hormones. This reaction of hers also offended Meghan.

Kate and Meghan got into a bad fight: You're a baby brain

A witness who saw what happened at the time said the following about what happened between the two elders: “Harry describes in the book that Kate and Meghan had an argument over the timing of the wedding rehearsal and the bridesmaids’ outfits. Meghan said to Kate, ‘You must have a baby brain because of your hormones’. This is between the two of them. It caused a lot of tension because Meghan was told they weren’t close enough to discuss her hormones with her girlfriend.” This witness summed up his comment with these words: “In the royal family, people don’t communicate with each other this way:”

According to this witness’ interpretation, the book states that Meghan is not responsible for this tension. But that doesn’t make her look any better.

Kate and Meghan got into a bad fight: You're a baby brain

In his book Spare, Harry also gives clues about the depth of the chasm between him and his older brother William. In the book, which uses language that seems designed to shock the reader, Harry’s phrase to describe William is also shocking: “my archenemy”.

Meanwhile, in the book, Harry also blamed both his older brother William and his wife, Kate, for a scandal he created during his teenage years. Harry alleged that William and Kate suggested to him that he should wear the Nazi emblem, which was controversial for a period and created a real scandal. Harry burst into laughter in his book when they saw William and Kate wearing the swastika outfit for that 2005 party.

Kate and Meghan got into a bad fight: You're a baby brain

That outfit in question was worn by Harry at a costume ball. His photographs taken at that time were also published on the front page of the British newspaper The Sun. Of course, a scandal broke out because of that image and Harry was bombarded with criticism.

In his book, Harry described how he decided to wear that outfit, with these lines: “I called Willy and Kate and asked what they thought. They called me a ‘Nazi uniform’.” Then she explained that she went home and tried on her outfit in front of them.