Just announced! Another market fixed prices

Çağrı Market announced that it fixed the prices of 2000 products throughout January.

In the statement made by Çağrı Market, it was stated that “As Çağri Market, we have decided to fix the prices of 2000 food, cleaning, paper and personal care products throughout January in order to contribute to our country’s economy and the budget of our customers.”

In the statement, it was emphasized that even if the purchase costs of these products increase, the sales prices will be maintained, and the following was noted:

“In addition, we will not make any changes in our planned discounts, and we will continue to benefit our consumers with both our discount catalogs and our in-store activities. In this context, we will offer our customers various opportunities for more than 1500 products that will be included in our two separate discount catalogs, which we will launch on January 7 and January 21. As before, Çağrı Market will continue to contribute to our country’s economy and consumers with the motto of “Unlimited Customer Happiness” throughout 2023.”

Price fixing decisions from chain markets

A similar decision had come from other large chain stores. ŞOK announced on the first day of the year that it had fixed its prices until the end of January. After the shock, Migros also announced that it had fixed the prices and that more than 3,000 products would be discounted.

CarrefourSa announced in January that there would be discounts from 20 percent to 40 percent on more than 20 thousand products. Happy Center also stated that it offers discounts between 10 percent and 20 percent for this month. BİM, on the other hand, fixed its prices on 500 products.

The latest statement came from A101 and the chain market announced that it had fixed its prices in 2023 products until the end of the month.