Jupiter comes very close to Earth for the first time in 60 years

The largest planet in our solar system, according to NASA, the US space program. Jupiter, today is about 591 million km from the Earth, as it was last in 1963. will be near. It was announced that the longest distance between Jupiter and Earth during the movements of the planets is 966 million kilometers.

NASA said in a statement that the gas giant will not only come close to Earth, but also come between us and the sun, and that scientists ‘contrast’ He stated that it would cause the celestial event he called


According to Unilad’s report, it is actually quite common for Jupiter to cause opposition. The planet, which usually approaches Earth once a year, causes this event about once every 13 months.

Opposition is formed when the Sun, Earth, and Jupiter align, forming a line with the Earth in the middle.

Astrophysicist doing research at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Adam KobelskiThat said, the spectacular sights with Jupiter are on the way.