Jubilee is on its way to Arda Turan | NTVSpor.net

Erden Timur answered the question “Are there any names that wanted their transfer but did not?”There’s been two. Not much. We didn’t get every player we went to. We also went to imaginary names. People will not limit their imagination. You can go to anyone. It did, but it would be wrong of me to name it. But in the future. Even she is beautiful. We continue that dialogue for the future. We will go abroad, eat, talk. During this transfer period, we talked to the families of the players. We sent them gifts. We will continue this process with the players we want to transfer. There are so many names floating around. We can’t say we’re not interested in it. Their names are coming out, we say look when we meet with the other. However, there is a lot of disinformation. Journalists work hard. Finding the right player hurts us a lot. There were too many names. It wasn’t even 50 percent. Managers did, too. Information was also leaking. When an actor is coming, ‘When will he come?’ it was damaging when there were rumors. There will still be many players, but most of them will not be correct.”


Saying that Arda Turan is a great Galatasaray player, Erden Timur said, “Turkey’s most career football player. He was trained in our infrastructure. He played in Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. He played in the finals. We have Fatih Teacher, we are proud. But there is Arda Turan in football. He is an important figure. We also have players that we do not make jubilee. We want to do it even if it is late. Our teacher Okan also values ​​these issues. He also trained in the academy. He also played in elite teams, I hope we plan such things. Loyalty to the players, to the past; it is everyone’s common idea to crown them ‘ he declared.