Juan Mata stamp in Galatasaray – Istanbulspor match! When Kevin de Bruyne wasn’t there was Mata


GalatasarayOne of the names whose performance is curious in Juan Matafirst time IstanbulsporHe appeared in front of the fans in the friendly match played with .

Juan Mata, who started the match at 11, won the admiration of the fans with his game, while creating a goal opportunity for his teammates, especially with the passes he made behind the opponent’s defense.

The Spanish star, who took the stage for the first time in the friendly match with the yellow and red jersey, had a hard time in Istanbulspor’s defense.

Mata, who brought the ball together with Mauro Icardi, Barış Alper Yılmaz and other teammates many times in the goal zone, showed his quality with his wonderful passes.

Mata, who was effective throughout the match with his accurate pass percentage and the passes he made behind the defense, became a trend topic on social media while receiving applause from the fans at Nef Stadium.


Thousands of yellow and red football fans praised Juan Mata’s performance and united in the opinion that he will be one of the most influential names of the team in the remaining matches.

Some of the posts made by Mata on social media are as follows:

“Mata is like a maestro. He’s in position with one pass. Something else is coming.”

“Having Mata on the field made the game feel very different. It’s like it wasn’t a friendly game.”

“In the Premier League, when Kevin de Bruyne wasn’t there, there was Juan Mata. Look at the beauty of his passes, the rust in our eyes is gone, he’s a leader.”

“What they said to Mata, who has played in the Premier League and La Liga for years, they brutally criticized him as if he were 60, despite being 34.”

“His experience and class will add a lot to us. I wish he could wear the number 8 jersey.”

“Juan Mata is an amazing detail… And he’s not ready yet. Think about the rest.”

“Mata wiped the rust from our eyes in 45 minutes in his unprepared state.”

“Juan Mata looks like a player who will do wonders in the Premier League right at the end of his career.”