Juan Mata has an IQ of 142

Juan Mata, one of the new transfers of Galatasaray, had an IQ test. The star’s IQ was only 18 points lower than Einstein’s.

Spanish midfielder Juan Mata, who Galatasaray added to his colors in the last hours of the transfer, makes a name for himself with his success both on and off the field. The star football player, who attaches great importance to education and science throughout his career, draws attention with his intelligence.

There are interesting and surprising information about the Spanish star Juan Mata, who plays in the important clubs of Europe…

Juan Mata's IQ is 142 #1

had an IQ test

The 34-year-old football player graduated from 2 universities. After graduating from Camilo Jose Cela University, Department of Sport Sciences, Mata also studied Marketing at the Technical University of Madrid.

Perhaps the most striking information is that Juan Mata’s IQ is 142. Considering the famous scientist Einstein’s IQ is 160, Mata’s value becomes even more important.

Expected to be the brains of the team

The experienced player, who played against Istanbulspor in his first match for Galatasaray, was mesmerized by his performance. Although it was a friendly match, Mata, who made 8 key passes, made his intelligence speak again on the field as always. The star player is expected to be the brain of Galatasaray on the field.

Mata, who grew up with the Real Madrid infrastructure, played in the teams of Valencia, Chelsea and Manchester United. The Spanish star, who signed a 1+1 year contract with Galatasaray, is expected to start the match with Adana Demirspor as a substitute.

Juan Mata's IQ was 142 #2