Jorge Jesus: “We focus on the derby” – Football News

Fenerbahçe Coach Jorge Jesus made a statement to the club television at Samandıra Can Bartu Facilities. Jorge Jesus, who started his speech by evaluating the national break given to the league, said, “After 3 days of leave, we are starting our work again today. This break was good for us, it was important for some players to recover. It was an opportunity for me to go to Portugal and see my family. We all come back more energetically. “Before this break, Fenerbahçe was showing a very strong and good performance. Of course, the ideal would be not to take a break for us, but there are national matches. Therefore, we continue our efforts to improve during the break given to the league during this period. Many of our players represent their countries in their national teams,” he said. .

“We have Beşiktaş, the first derby match ahead of us”

Evaluating the team, which played a total of 14 matches, 6 of which were in the Turkish League and 8 in Europe, Jesus said, “We have seen that our team has improved week by week. Our technical team also started to implement the ideas better in the field. We have come this far by making progress. Now we have the Beşiktaş match, which is the first derby match that I will play against Turkey. Starting today, we will start the preparations for that match. We have 12 players here at the moment, the others are in the national teams. Starting today, our first focus will be the derby match we will play next.”

“Let our fans be with us, let them believe in us”

Referring to the derby atmosphere, Jesus made the following statements:

“Every derby match is exciting for the fans. The fans focus on this match. Of course, we also focus on this match, but we focus on every match we play, not just the derby matches, as much as possible. Our fans are uniting with us more and more every day. Let them be with us. Let them believe in us because we are stronger when they are with us. Not only in Fenerbahçe, but generally in the football world, there are speculations from time to time, but it is very important that Fenerbahçe fans are always with their team and united. We do our best for them. Let them believe in us. And we believe in them.”

“To achieve our goals, we all need to be united”

The experienced coach said that the family atmosphere within the team is decisive in reaching the goals, and said, “What we have done and tried to do since the first day we came here is that we want all the professionals of this club in the football branch to understand that we all need to be united in order to reach our goals, including our fans. Of course, things get easier when you get positive results. We are now a united group. Everyone in the team shares their ideas, both in and out of training, for the development of this team. We work together to achieve our goals. As you know, the most important of our goals is to bring Fenerbahçe to the championship again. We are working hard for this every day.”

“Our fans have always been the 12th player for us”

Jorge Jesus appealed to the fans, “This is a long experience in this profession. It’s normal for the fans to be demanding, the fans are always demanding, this is also the case at Fenerbahçe. They have always been the 12th player for us, they have been the driving force. They always helped our team to show its quality. Let them continue to believe in us, and we continue to believe in them. It is very important for us to have them by our side even when things are not going well, because if we are together, we can make Fenerbahçe a champion.”

“I am very pleased with Ismail’s performance in his first international match”

Speaking about the performance of the players in the national teams, Jesus said, “We are all happy when they score goals. When we see our players show high performance in their national teams, I am happy as a coach and our fans are happy. Of course, the value of players is something we know, but we are working hard to bring this out, so that players can improve themselves individually. I am very pleased that İsmail showed a very good performance in his first international match. I think he will be one of the important players in the future of the national team. As I have said, we carry out all our collective work in order to bring out the best of the individual actors,” he concluded.