Jorge Jesus confession from his former student Roma

Roma, one of Fenerbahçe’s coach Jorge Jesus’ former students in Belenenses, one of the Portuguese League teams, told an interesting memory about the Portuguese coach.


ESPNSpeaking to , the former Brazilian football player said, “When I transferred to Belenenses, I did not know who Jorge Jesus was. He seemed like a boring man. He invited me to his house once. We were going to have dinner. There were 10 televisions in his house. 10 different league games were broadcast. We had dinner, he didn’t say anything. Then he said to me, ‘Let’s go to the living room.’ I was surprised when I saw 10 televisions and told me, ‘Here, you will see all 10 different leagues, then I will explain to you how I want you to play.’ Then I said, “Sir, I want to sleep.” He said to me, “No, you don’t have time to sleep, I’ll take you to practice anyway.”


Stating that the Portuguese coach taught him a lot, Roma said, “He was a man who taught me a lot. Technically, tactically, he was the coach I learned the most during my football career. He was the best in terms of technique and tactics. He was first class. He was challenging me, but he was a very good teacher. “He was very obsessed with training and matches. We were going to practice in the mornings, while other teams were resting when they went to hotels.”