Joe Biden: Don’t make me do this warning again

Biden gave a speech at the Hunger, Nutrition and Health Conference held in Washington DC. Commenting on Hurricane Ian, Biden stressed that he is in talks with local authorities and that the federal government is ready to provide whatever assistance it can.

Biden also urged the public to heed the warnings and evacuate the warning areas.

“I want to give a warning to the fuel and gasoline industry today,” said Biden.

“Don’t give me this warning again and don’t use this hurricane as an excuse to drive up gas prices. Gas prices are relatively low and should continue to drop further. oil He said it will only affect 2 percent of its production, and that this will happen for a very short time. This temporary storm cannot be used as an excuse to inflate prices to affect the oil industry. I will ask my authorities to check whether gas prices are inflated.”
Biden stated that hunger is one of the biggest problems in the world and that the Russia-Ukraine war fueled the global food crisis.

Stating that they aim to end hunger and reduce nutrition-related diseases by 2030, Biden said, “Today, 8 billion dollars from 100 different organizations are used to achieve these goals. dollar We would like to announce that we have made a commitment,” he said.

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