Jesus needs self-criticism

Two We watched 90 minutes, in which the teams could not gain a clear advantage over each other, the quality of football was very low, the pace was slow, and there were very few positions. in the first half Fenerbahce is superior to its opponent in terms of pass was the founder. Beşiktaş is almost an away game. He was playing the derby. Valerien İsmael’s tactical strategy was to narrow the space behind, leave the ball to the opponent, and kidnap people behind Fenerbahçe’s line defense with sudden exits. But Beşiktaş’s counter attempts were stuck in a record number of offsides in the first half: 5… Fenerbahce was not enough at all in offensive attempts. In the second half, Fenerbahce was the side with more ball. Player moves came from Jesus first, and then from İsmael… But these changes Jesus was the loser. Because from this moment, the control of the whole game passed to Beşiktaş. Weghorst, who was never seen on the field until the last 15 minutes, whose presence or absence was not clear, missed a goal, and his head turned from the post, which he hit with his back turned. Beşiktaş could not change the result in the last part of the edition and the match ended in a draw.

The biggest problem in Beşiktaş was forward. Besiktas medium court and defensive team standing kept it. For me, if you don’t have black and white people The impossible is a ready-made Ghezzal.
Jorge Jesus is doing something in his mind every match. By removing the best of the team, Crespo, he handed over his game dominance to the opponent. First of all, after this match, he should do a self-criticism: “For most of the game we had the ball. Opponent’s forward end on the field did not have. But why couldn’t we generate positions?”
I really liked the referee Volkan Bayarslan, despite some false whistles. He had self-confidence, player dialogues were good.