Jesus meeting and striker transfer

Today I will devote my column to a dating news that I just learned. I will comment later.

İsmail Kartal gives a list to Ali Koç at the end of the season and states that the team will enter the championship race with 4 transfers according to their game plan. Top of the list for the striker is Weghorst. The side forward is Trezeguet topping the charts. He states that he wants a left-footed central midfielder in addition to a left-back list that includes Alioski. If Kim or Attila is sold, stopper alternatives are also available. Chairman Koç agrees with Jesus and conveys Kartal’s report and list to Jesus. Jesus calls İsmail Kartal and invites him to the club without making a complex. Kartal states that it would not be appropriate for him to come to the club and offers to meet in another place. The meeting, which is expected to last 1, 1.5 hours, lasts 4 hours. Jesus thanks İsmail Kartal for his report and list. “Like you, I think 5, at most 6 transfers will be enough,” he says. He tells that he thinks he needs a mobile striker, different from İsmail Hoca. Ali Koç, who is often criticized during transfer periods, tells Jesus that he has God, both Weghorst and Trezeguet, twice. The Portuguese teacher is in favor of looking at other alternatives. Then, as the president said, his mind changes and more than 10 players are taken.

I am left with the following questions:

• The striker transfer isn’t complete yet, but if it does, will he be as effective as Weghorst, who was rejected by Jesus?

• It was said, “The teacher had Arao removed because he will play with fours and can get into the tandem and throw a long ball”. The team is back to 3. What will Arao do now?

• What did Gustavo Henrique and Bruma serve? According to what changing opinion did the teacher choose these names?

• If it was to be played with 3, would Lincoln Henrique be the alternative to Alioski for the left side? Otherwise, why was this player removed?

For myself, I can only wish Jesus had listened to İsmail Kartal.


In the end, it is a fact that transfers that would add strength to the team’s strength could not be made, except for Joao Pedro and Alioski. It was not a good transfer window. Striker transfer; now it is a move that will determine the fate beyond suppressing the outrage that emerged after the loss of Maxi Gomez. It is such an important move that a name that will determine the fate of everyone, rather than the teacher who will leave a year later, will be thrown to the last bullet; Depends on the pickup truck.

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