Izmir news Surprising image at the circumcision wedding! They put 90 thousand lira worth of meat

At a circumcision ceremony in Izmir, 90 thousand TL worth of luxury Wagyu meat was given to circumcised children as jewelry.

In this interesting jewelry ceremony held in Torbalı Ayrancılar, the attendees could not hide their astonishment. The presentation of luxury meats specially prepared for jewelry also drew attention. The meat, which was brought in a special cooler package accompanied by drums, was attached to the circumcised children with a red ribbon.

The circumcision ceremony of Mehmet Ali Hoş and Ömer Asaf Hoş, the children of circumcision, witnessed interesting scenes. At the circumcision ceremony held in İzmir Torbalı Ayrancılar, the luxurious meats worn by the circumcision children’s aunt Dilek Günbey, her uncle Mehmet Günbey and her cousin Bedirhan Günbey drew attention. Circumcision boy Mehmet Ali Hoş said, “Everyone was wearing money at my circumcision wedding. This time they put meat on, I am very happy,” he said. Serkan Hoş, the father of the circumcised child, said, “We would like to thank my sister Dilek Günbey, who works in luxury meat business, my brother-in-law Mehmet Günbey and my nephew Bedirhan Günbey for gifting us such a piece of jewellery. We are very happy,” he said. Mehmet Günbey, brother-in-law, who is engaged in the luxury meat business in Torbalı Ayrancılar, said, “WorldToday, we presented the most beautiful meat of the world to the most beautiful children of the world. I hope it will remain as a good memory.” Bedirhan Günbey, the cousin of the circumcised children, said, “We did something that is not available in Turkey on this happy day of our nephews. In the jewelry ceremony of the circumcision wedding, we wore Wagyu meat, the most expensive meat in Turkey and even in the world, as jewelry, which is worth gold and money. On this occasion, we added color to our wedding.”

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