It’s the season of canon again. What awaits the economy?

Every life has a September. Just like every year canary season like… Hazan, vintage as much as the leaf says goodbye to the branch are times; “the leaf was bored with the tree… Autumn was his excuse” September; in the annual cycle of the economy different and often sad cantors may not recognize.

For example, we are currently traveling economic crisis in September, different developments from summer will also be brought up. Inflation on a climbing lane gear will increase. For schools are openingprice increases in spending on students come to the fore, rent, advance, move and other household expenses not to mention…


to energy raise on raise let alone oil; in September will not be reflected in the bills. these hikes… Because for heating expenses end of october even comfortable until mid-November. But food inflation for September; It doesn’t promise a stop. Agriculture credit markets will not be able to sell meat for 30% cheap for If there is no production, an overlay instead of a discount in prices inevitable…

Looking at the market front rally in the stock market, it will last. Domestic investors, following in the footsteps of foreigners, boosted some shares. foam at prices may occur. Dollar will read what you know… in September stay under 20 lirasuccess (!) will be counted… Gold if from the bottom will return… Ounce, tied to the dollar will be on an upward trend again.


Will the hikes last in September?

Public, electoral economy due to some to keep raises will begin. The private sector is as comfortable as before. won’t be able to raisebecause decline in demandwill be felt more deeply. Producer, Inflation burden up to 150%will continue to carry throughout September.

What is the biggest problem?

The interesting thing is that despite all the difficulties merger, partnership Necessary steps such as these cannot be taken. For no law and no one can trust anyone anymore. Solution mind accepts the practice of life habits manages. Unfortunately decay, collapse of business ethicslet the management, to trust each other made it impossible.



heterodox; accepted economy the name of ignoring the rules… go in reverse where myrtle goes in the economics literature ostentatious expression… Especially to this “eclecticWhen you add the adjective ”, “hang on your headYou adopt the practice.

In this process planning is ignored, principles set aside. The daily reflexes of the market and the emerging needsmomentary“Solutions are sought. Most decisions daily and panic attack taken in. The Central Bank takes a decision upon the decision, the midnight bulletin of the Official Gazette, to the order of decisions transforms but the problem is that it’s out there trust in decision makers there is no more. This too While correcting one thing with the decision taken, it causes other things to deteriorate. is done.

of the Central Bank interim injunction under the name panic attack resolutions it will last. But every decision taken let alone regulate the market it will break even more. The best thing the Center will do is; hastily, sloppy inflation reports not to publish traditional monetary policy. return…