It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s my fault

Tuğba Altıntop was attacked by her friend’s Akita dog in Şile, where she went on vacation. More than 50 stitches were put on Altıntop’s face.

Speaking to Hürriyet newspaper, Altıntop described those moments as follows:

“My friend’s dog was lying on the floor. I went to him, loved and caressed. I wanted to bend over and kiss his face. He suddenly attacked my face. He left before anyone could intervene and stepped aside. The event happened in 10 seconds. The left side of my face was shattered. We immediately went to the hospital. The doctors did what they could, but they said, ‘There is a possibility of scarring’. Then they said that a skin transplant or a cell transplant could be done.”

“I am not complaining, he is already interested in everything. Akita dogs can be so aggressive. I also had a Hungarian Rottweiler in my garden house before. But we have never experienced anything like this. I now have a Pomeranian Spitz breed dog as I live on the estate.

Altıntop said that the incident did not affect his love of animals, but he learned a lesson for himself:

“This grave attack did not affect my love for animals, but it was a lesson for me. It was my fault, I entered his freedom zone. The animal has no sin. Why am I kissing your cheek? You could have written my obituary today, I was itchy. I will always love animals, but I will be more cautious about animals whose character I do not know anymore.”

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