It’s like a white spoon out of USA milk!

Putin’has done by occupation and your annexation It has no equivalent in international law. UN Treaty’According to article 2 of the land annexation forbidden. So there Russian they have citizens, I had to intervene to protect their rights and invade the territory of a sovereign country, and then referendum with a fait accompli with hype collapse null and void… frankly Putin’The bullying that he did is unlawful and an unacceptable situation. As a matter of fact, messages of immediate reaction and condemnation came from all over the world. In the first place USA President Bidenfrom He said with a very firm voice:

“Russia violates international law, the world should reject this illegal annexation attempt. The United States condemns Russia’s fraudulent attempt to annex sovereign Ukrainian territory. Russia violated international law and “trodden underfoot” the United Nations (UN) Charter. There is no doubt that these actions have no legitimacy.”

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, Russia’of Ukraine’the lands it annexed Russia’He stated that they would never recognize him as part of the

again at the beginning France, Germany including EU leaders of member states in chorus, Russia’of Ukraine’Condemning the annexation of the four territories of the Ukraine’They said it was a serious violation of their sovereignty.

Therefore Putin’When we look at the reactions against this bullying made by the oppressed, “Fortunately, those who say right and law, the oppressed, the strange There are good people in the world who will defend and hold the oppressor to account” one hopes! Of course if you eatbecause you know Mevlana’There is the famous saying of “I look at the words to see if it is a word, and then I look at the person who says it”, here is a situation that exactly coincides with it. Particularly, he who confuses every corner of the world, who divides and disintegrates sovereign countries according to his mind, and who recklessly cooperates with terrorist organizations for these purposes. USA in terms of In other words, those who are now advocating for rights and law USA’It has no seriousness or credibility. Biden’s reaction or something is a story… Which he USA’lately the law does not recognize Greece its cooperation withcomplicity also known. Ignoring all international treaties and law Greece He armed only the islands he occupied, both non-military and which were given the right to use them, and he considers all of them his own land. “Why did you arm the islands?” When asked, he says, “I used my right of self-defense”. To exercise the right of self-defense Turkey’must attack him. Is he attacking? No. Joyful Turkey’You attacked the land, you occupied its land. At the moment Greece on our islands invader in position. You have the right to say get out bro. 1923 Lausanne and 1947 Paris Treaties clear, the provisions are clear. But despite these Greece continues its provocations endlessly over the islands. When it is rightly said, “Look, be smart, or my hills”, the vicious thief is unabashedly as if he suppresses the landlord. Turkey’He accuses her of aggression and runs off to his patron without shame. USA’she complains to. USA In order not to be shot from these places where he is surrounded by his bases, he has previously turned a blind eye to this place. to banditry backs out, or rather, crime partner and shamelessly with bullshit such as “Greece’s sovereignty in the Islands cannot be questioned”. Greece’I take the position of defending unlawfulness. In short, one of them is a liar, aggressor, does not recognize rights and law, and the other one is this. banditry It’s ridiculous to defend, to back up. As well as international treaties and documents, moreover, dated 1939 British and dated 1957 USA on your maps Greece’islands occupied by Turkey’Although it is clearly shown that it belongs to …

In summary, we say that; Putin’No matter what you call banditry and banditry, it is an unacceptable situation. Yes, he may have come and bought it with a tank and a rifle, but if the day comes and things go wrong, he cannot say that this is my homeland… Of course, if there is really international law and it is implemented… Because the sensitivity on this issue is known. Turkey No other country is sincere, so what they say has no credibility. Moreover, many of them have similar criminal records in terms of unlawfulness. with banditry full. Especially in the air of a white spoon that comes out of milk. USA’of… so banditry and banditry when it is said, there is actually no difference from each other. Even USA with Russia to share the territory of other countries between a dirty contact it’s even about…