It’s been raining complaints from iPhone users one after another. Beware of these versions

Apple released iOS 16 last September. However, even after 4 months, the complaints come one after another.

Many users are voicing their complaints on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

According to the information in hardwarehaber The latest update to the operating system was iOS 16.2, released on December 13. However, users are not satisfied with this version at all. They even say that after the release, the problems increased rather than decreased.


iPhone owners report that apps may not work properly, freeze or stop working altogether. There are also some bugs that directly affect the user experience, such as poor system performance, loss of the keyboard or not working properly.

However, there are also complaints such as Spotlight search crashing, issues with focus modes, HomeKit problems, Apple Music app bugs, CarPlay glitches and fast battery drain.

The issues are seen on all iPhone models including the latest flagship iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

These errors, voiced by the majority of Apple users, may result in Apple releasing iOS 16.2.