It will continue until February 15th! Discount news for gasoline, diesel and LPG: Last minute announced

Announcements were made to hundreds of customers from Ziraat Bank and campaigns regarding fuel prices were announced. Within the scope of this campaign, 75 TL points will be awarded to those who participate. These points will be used when buying fuel and a 75 TL discount will be made over the total amount.


According to the information received from Ziraat Bank, it was stated that 75 TL Bankkart Lira will be given for the fourth fuel or autogas shopping at TotalEnergies stations, and this campaign will continue until February 15th.

Following the announcement regarding the details of the campaign, it was stated that 75 TL Bankkart Lira will be paid for the 4th fuel or autogas purchase of 300 TL or more, which will be made at Bankkart POS on different days and at one time, at Bankkart contracted TotalEnergies stations between January 1 and February 15, 2023.

Following the announcement about the campaign, “You can participate in the campaign with Bankkart Mobil on or via SMS. To participate via SMS, write TE2023 and send an SMS to 4757 from the mobile phone numbers of Turkcell, Vodafone and TürkTelekom operators registered in our Bank. KKTCell. From the numbers of the operators, an SMS should be sent to +905327524757. SMS sending is free of charge.” statements were included.

The campaign is customer-based, a customer can participate in the campaign once and can earn a maximum of 75 TL Bankkart Lira in total, and further emphasized that transactions should be made at Bankkart-contracted TotalEnergies stations and from Bankkart POS.


The following statements were included in the announcement regarding the details of the campaign:

Only one of the 300 TL or more expenditures to be made on the same day will be included in the campaign.

Information regarding the award will be placed on the slip and on Bankkart Mobil, and the winning will be notified via SMS.

Bankkart Lira will be loaded on 22 February 2023 to customers who fulfill the campaign conditions.

The Bankkart Lira earned can be used for fuel or autogas purchases at TotalEnergies stations with Bankkart agreement until 20 March 2023.

Bankkart Lira not used until 20 March 2023 will be taken back on 21 March 2023.

Customers with Bankkart, Bankkart Genç, Bankkart Başak, Bankkart Business can benefit from the campaign with both credit and debit card features.

Bankkart Free cards are not included in the campaign.

Original card holders can participate in the campaign. Expenditures made with additional cards and virtual cards will be included in the expenditures of the original cardholder customer.

Transactions made using Bankkart Lira, cancellation / refund transactions are not included in the campaign.

In case of cancellation / refund of the transactions made during the campaign period, the Bankkart Lira given will be refunded.

If there is not enough Bankkart Lira in the Bankkart Moneybox, the remaining amount will be debited to the account or credit card.

The offer is valid only at contracted TotalEnergies stations.