It was under the control of the Turks! Viewed like this

AA correspondents filmed Lachin, which came under the control of Azerbaijan on August 26, after the Armenian population and Russian elements, who were illegally resettled in the city, left the city.

The city of Lachin carries the traces of the occupation in 1992, despite the passage of years. Although some buildings are livable in the city, there are many idle and ruined houses.

Most of the buildings in good condition were destroyed by the Armenians who left the city. Many neighborhoods in the city are overgrown with no life for a long time.

Both the Azerbaijani police and the military police patrol the city. The soldiers deployed on the strategic hills around the city also reinforce their positions and provide security.

Mine search specialist soldiers are scanning the streets and avenues of the city, shops and all residences for possible dangers.

The forested areas around the city also bear the traces of the fires that the Armenians started before they left.

In the village of Zabuh, which came under the control of Azerbaijan on the same date, some of the houses were destroyed and some were burned. In Zabuh, there are residences built with the support of the Armenian diaspora on the village where Azerbaijanis once lived. In these residences, Armenians who were displaced from Syria and Lebanon during the occupation period were settled. Before leaving the region, Armenians had contaminated some houses with pig blood and organs, and wrote insulting articles on their walls.

The forest areas around Sus, another village that came under the control of Azerbaijan, have been cut or burned.


Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, Lieutenant Colonel Anar Eyvazov, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Armenian forces laid a large number of mines in Lachin after the 2nd Karabakh War.

Eyvazov said, “As of August 15, more than 1300 anti-personnel mines have been detected on the territory of Lachin province. These mines are produced by Armenia in 2021. This reveals the attitude of the Armenian army towards the Azerbaijani army and civilians.” said.

After the 2nd Karabakh War, in accordance with the tripartite declaration signed between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia on November 10, 2020, both Russian troops and Armenians took the route known as the “Lachin corridor”, which was temporarily under the control of the Russian elements, where the Lachin city and the villages of Zabuh and Sus are located. the population left and this region passed under the control of the Baku administration.

According to the 10 November 2020 statement, Azerbaijan was going to build a new road passing outside the city of Lachin, which the Armenian population in Karabakh would use on their way to and from Armenia within 3 years. Azerbaijan completed this 32-kilometer road earlier than planned. Armenians living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan started to use the new route for going to and from Armenia. Russian elements ensure the safety of the new road.

Lachin and its villages were occupied by the Armenian army in 1992, and Armenians brought from Syria and Lebanon were settled here in the following years. Throughout the process, Azerbaijan has declared that it sees this as a war crime and violation of the Geneva Conventions.