It was resolved by Turkey’s very, very valuable mediation efforts.

Statement from the Kremlin on Erdogan-Putin meeting

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov stated that the first part of the agreement for grain shipments from the Black Sea, TurkeyEmphasizing that the issue was resolved through mediation efforts, he said that the part related to the export of Russian grain products has not been resolved.

Speaking to reporters in the capital Moscow, Peskov met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Russia He made evaluations about the planned meeting between President Vladimir Putin and grain shipments.

Stating that the meeting is planned to be held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan next week, Peskov said that it is foreseen that the two leaders will also discuss the process related to grain shipments.

Pointing out that grain shipments from Ukraine do not go to poor countries, Peskov said, “Only 2 grain ships went to countries defined as poor by the United Nations.” said.

Reminding that the US and European authorities have made statements that there are no sanctions against Russian food and fertilizer products, Peskov said, “Although this is legally correct, in reality, it is extremely difficult and restricted for Russian food and fertilizer products to reach international markets. Because commercial ships cannot enter the ports, they cannot be insured and the ships cannot be serviced.” he said.

Peskov noted that the problems related to the arrival of Russian products on international markets have not been resolved:

“When the grain shipment plan was agreed upon, it was understood that unblocking the situation in the Black Sea would be linked to the process of exporting Russian products to international markets. One side of this deal was resolved with the direct involvement of Russia and Turkey’s invaluable mediation efforts. The second part is not solved. This requires a private discussion.” said.

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