It was made exactly 30 years ago! Here is Queen II. Elizabeth’s unknown secret

Creation Date: September 14, 2022 11:50

Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. It turned out that the coffin to carry Elizabeth was prepared exactly 30 years ago. It is stated that the queen’s coffin is extremely heavy and can be carried by at least 8 people because it is lead-lined. So what’s the secret of lead-lined coffins? Here are the highlights…


He has the title of longest reigning monarch of England Queen Elizabethwill be held on Monday, September 19, funeral Details of the ceremony have become the number one agenda of the whole world.

While it was discussed that at least 6 billion pounds would be spent for the funeral that will bring together world leaders, the funeral of the queen, who lost her life at Balmoral Castle in Scotland last Thursday, was brought to London last night.

It was made exactly 30 years ago Here is Queen II.  Elizabeth's secret

Carried by 8 royal soldiers, Queen II. Elizabeth’s coffin was placed in the hearse and taken to Buckingham Palace. It was seen that thousands of people were waiting under the rain on the route of the vehicle and greeted the queen.

It was made exactly 30 years ago Here is Queen II.  Elizabeth's secret

The crowd gathered in and around Buckingham Palace to welcome the Queen’s funeral.



Queen Elizabeth’s body coffinIt is quite heavy compared to ordinary coffins. This is because the coffin is covered with lead.

The fact that members of the royal family were placed in lead-lined coffins after death dates back hundreds of years, and there is a scientific explanation for this.

Lead-lined coffins prevent moisture from entering, thanks to their airtight properties. In this way, the corpse in the coffin can be preserved for up to a year.

It was made exactly 30 years ago Here is Queen II.  Elizabeth's secret

Queen’s coffin seen wrapped in royal flag


Royal records show that Elizabeth I, who died in 1603, was also buried in a lead-lined coffin. This reveals that the Royal family has continued the tradition of lead coffins for at least 400 years.

Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, abandoned the lead coffin tradition and insisted on cremation so that her ashes could be placed next to her father’s coffin.


Lead-lined coffins were first made by Henry Smith, who is considered the best of its kind for its precision and quality.


The company that also made the coffin of Prince Philip made the coffins of world-famous names such as Diana Dors, Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix. However, since the company closed in 2005, information about the lead-lined coffins was buried with the company.

It was made exactly 30 years ago Here is Queen II.  Elizabeth's secret

Because lead-lined coffins are extremely heavy, they can be carried by at least 8 people.


Leverton & Sons, which took over the royal family’s funeral business in 1991, He states that Elizabeth’s coffin was ready at that time. This reveals that the coffin bearing the queen’s body was prepared about 30 years ago. The new company that took over the coffin from Henry Smith has little information on exactly when or how the coffin was made.


A coffin in a coffin

Royal coffins are traditionally made of well-seasoned oak. In lead-lined coffins, which can technically be thought of as a coffin in a coffin, the wooden coffin inside is covered with lead. The outer coffin is made of expensive English oak.

Queen While Elizabeth’s funeral will naturally be the most prestigious funeral undertaken by the Levertons firm, the company, founded in 1789, has also undertaken the burials of Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

It was made exactly 30 years ago Here is Queen II.  Elizabeth's secret

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While the echoes of the death of Queen Elizabeth of England continued, the Japanese government made a statement regarding the Queen’s funeral. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, honored Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako with Queen Elizabeth II. He announced that Elizabeth will attend the funeral, which will be held in England next week. “During the 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the British royal family and the Japanese imperial family have maintained friendly relations for three generations,” Matsuno said, adding that Empress Masako is expected to leave the country on Saturday and return to Japan on Tuesday. Matsuno added that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and other government officials did not plan to attend the funeral.