It was claimed that students were ‘fighting with hunger’

EnglandIt was noted that children studying in schools in Turkey struggle with nutrition and hunger problems.

According to The Guardian, the number of children in poor financial condition in many schools in England “heartbreaking” there is an increase and families have to choose between heating and feeding due to high energy bills.

According to the information given by school principals across England, it was claimed that children in poor financial situation either gnaw on an eraser or hide in the playground at the school because they could not afford lunch.


School principals expressed that the government is not very interested in schools to deal with an escalating crisis.

It was alleged that school principals and food aid organizations were struggling to cope with the increasing demand from families who could not afford food.

At a school in Lewisham, southeast of London, the report said, “pretending to eat from an empty lunchbox” allegedly had children.


One of the health nutrition charities in the country, Chefs in SchoolsCEO of Naomi Duncan, “We hear that there are children in schools who eat erasers because they are very hungry. Some children have come home without eating since lunch the previous day. The government needs to do something.” said.

Duncan, “For our chefs, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Our chefs go out and find kids hiding in the playground because they think they can’t eat, and then serve them food.” he said.

A school in Streatham, south London, said it used to have limited funding to support 50 children, but nowadays that number has risen to 100 due to an increase in the number of children struggling financially.

Paul Gosling, president of the National Association of School Principals, “The government knows that when children are hungry in the morning, schools will step in and help. But it is not right to leave all the help to us without any extra support.” used the phrases.