It was called ‘ordinary’… When the Chinese showed interest, it was sold for a record price

France-based auction house Osenat announced that the vase, worth 2,000 euros, was sold for 7.7 million euros at an auction held in Paris on Saturday.

In the information given to the press by Osenat, a woman contacted the auction officials and asked for the Chinese culture Tianqiu-ping style vase to be sold. The vase, which remained a heirloom from the family of the unnamed woman, was valued at 2,000 euros.


At the auction held in Paris on 1 October, the vase sold for 7.7 million euros after a heated auction.

It was also stated that the vase cost 9.121 million Euros with expenses.

It was stated that the Tianqiu-ping style vase belonging to the Chinese culture, in blue-white color, on which nine wild dragons and clouds were depicted, was shown to an expert by the auction house, and the expert stated that the vase was from the 20th century and priced between 1,500 and 2 thousand euros.


The auction house said buyers believed the vase was from the 18th century.

In the statement of the auction house, he noted that when he bought the vase in their catalog for sale, he received great attention from Chinese buyers and that some Chinese buyers came to see the vase in person.

The vase was taken by a Chinese who contacted by phone, whose name has not been disclosed.