It was announced that 133 people were injured in the protest of Sadr supporters in Baghdad

Iraq confused again: 133 injured in protests

It has been reported that 133 people, including 122 soldiers and 11 civilians, were injured in the demonstrations in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, where the supporters of the Sadr Movement leader Muqtada es-Sadr protested the parliamentary session.

A written statement on the subject was made by the Security Media Network of the Iraqi government.

In the statement, it was stated that a clash broke out between the protesters and the security forces during the demonstrations. It was reported that 11 civilians and 122 soldiers were injured in various ways due to the events.


Hundreds of supporters of Sadr began to withdraw, putting an end to their protests in Baghdad’s central Tahrir Square to protest the session in which the Speaker and First Deputy were elected.

The protesters tried to break through the concrete barriers that the security forces had placed around the Green Zone, where the Parliament building is located, with the dozers they brought.

The resignation of the Speaker of the Assembly, Muhammed Halbusi, was not accepted in the Assembly, which reconvened after a two-month break. Muhsin Mendelavi was elected in the voting for the First Deputy Speaker of the Assembly.

During the session, 3 missiles were attacked around the Parliament building, and 3 soldiers were injured in the attack.

Sadr’s supporters, who have withdrawn from politics, do not want the Prime Minister candidate of Iran-backed Shiite groups, Mohammed Shia Sudani, to form a government. Supporters of Sadr also voice their opposition to a coalition government in which the cabinet is shared between political groups.

Sadr, who won the general election held in Iraq last year, did not want to form a government with rival Shiite parties, and then resigned from politics and had 73 of his deputies resigned.

A deputy affiliated to Sadr was also carrying out the duty of First Vice-President in the parliament.

Sadr supporters, who opposed the prime minister candidate of pro-Iranian Shiite groups, entered the Parliament building in Baghdad at the end of July by raiding the Green Zone, where government buildings and foreign mission representations are located.

Sadr supporters then held a sit-in for about a month in the Parliament garden.

* The image of the news was served from AA.