It turned into a very strong popular movement.

Ali Soleimani: It turned into a very powerful popular movement

Demonstrations that started in Iran after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was detained on the grounds that she “did not abide by the headscarf rules” have been going on for more than ten days. Azerbaijani Turkish Journalist and Political Analyst Ali Suleimani evaluated the latest situation in Iran, what happened and what might happen, to


Saying that the protest actions that started with the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran turned into a very strong rebellion, popular movement and armed conflict in some regions, Ali Suleimani said, “We have been informed that more than 80 people have lost their lives so far, and there are regions that we are not aware of. It cannot prevent its oppression and attacks, on the contrary, it paves the way for it to turn into a radical movement,” he said. Stating that he thinks the protest actions will continue, Soleimani also stated that he did not agree with the criticism that there was a Western influence in the events, and said, “The West has no involvement in the events in Iran. What happened is Iran’s internal problems, which have a history of a hundred years.”


Stating that there are important political and economic reasons for the events to come to this point, Soleimani said, “While the political pressures against the people are not breathing, on the other hand, the economic problems are huge. Stating that the process in Iran is different this time, Ali Suleimani said, “Previous protests started regionally and ended after a while. This time, protest actions started simultaneously in all regions where different ethnic groups live and continue to increase day by day. This time, the people are determined. “Even at night, they shout slogans from the roofs and windows of their houses,” he said.


Saying that the Iranian opposition is negotiating with each other to draw a systematic framework for these actions, Soleimani said: “Our experience so far shows that if the popular movement does not have a leadership, it does not yield results. Political parties and ethnic groups living in Iran are in dialogue and I think that these negotiations will yield a positive result. Our A new era is dawning for us,” he said. Azerbaijani Turkish Journalist and Political Analyst Ali Suleimani said, “A common program should be established in which every nation living in Iran will achieve their social, political and economic rights. These ethnic groups must come to terms with each other for the integrity of Iran. This is a hundred-year-old problem and it has to be resolved. Shah” Or why should the mullah persecute these peoples?


Iranian Journalist Peyman Aref, who evaluated the protest actions in Iran, pointed out that this time there was a different situation in the country and said, “The people respond to violence with violence. Generation Z in Iran does not want pressure. Iran may be heading towards a revolution.”