It is poisonous from the inside when eaten raw. Don’t even put it in your mouth

According to the news of Mynet; It was emphasized that foods that are eaten raw without thinking cause more harm than good. For this reason, it is stated that you should never eat the following foods raw.



Consuming flour raw can be just as harmful as eating eggs. Research in recent years has also placed raw flour in the category of potential health risks. Flour can come into contact with pathogens such as ecoli during its journey from the field to the market shelves; Therefore, it must be cooked before consumption.


Potatoes should never be eaten raw. Otherwise, bloating and unwanted bowel problems are likely to occur. Because in the structure of the potato, there is a large amount of starch, which is resistant to digestion, but completely breaks down when cooked. The green color of the potato, which spends time in a hot or humid environment, is the worst. Under these conditions, the potato produces a toxic substance called “solanin” and begins to cause symptoms of food poisoning. As a result, green areas have started to form on the potato, not just avoiding eating it raw, it is necessary to eliminate it directly.


Eggs are a food for bacteria. While the salmonella microbe in the egg causes diarrhea in healthy people, it can cause fatal diseases in people with weak immunity. This is why it is the healthiest to eat eggs cooked. Raw eggs contain avidin protein, which inhibits the digestion of B7. Therefore, eating raw eggs can cause vitamin B7 deficiency.


You benefit a lot from sprouts as part of your healthy eating diets, right? After all, they are very healthy. Did you know that alfalfa and radish sprouts can contain e.coli, salmonella and listeria bacteria? The sprouts thrive in warm and humid conditions, which are these bacteria’s favorite places. That’s why you should take care to buy your sprouts in the freshest way, wash them thoroughly and cook them.


Another innocent-looking food that can be disastrous when consumed incorrectly is Mexican beans. The abundant protein, fiber and antioxidant content in its structure makes it an ideal component of healthy diets; however, Mexican beans consumed raw can create an unpleasant situation for your stomach. The phytohemagglutinin substance found in uncooked Mexican beans acts as a kind of toxin and begins to produce symptoms of food poisoning. Therefore, you should avoid consuming your beans raw, at least 10 minutes. You should prepare it by boiling it throughout.


Ready-made food products such as sausages are not foods that would fall into the healthy category on their own; However, consuming it raw can have extremely dangerous consequences. There is a misconception about sausages that are usually packaged and marketed as pre-cooked, that there is no need to re-cook before consumption. But the truth is that packaged sausages can contain the bacteria Listeria or Listeria monocytogenes, and the only way to prevent this is to re-cook the sausage.


If eggplant is consumed raw or not cooked properly, it has a toxic effect. Moreover, it must be said that this is a little more serious than ordinary food poisoning. The component called solanine in eggplant reduces calcium absorption and disturbs the digestive system. Excessive consumption of raw eggplant causes stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting, headache and nausea and is poisonous. If you have observed the above symptoms after eating the eggplant raw, go to the doctor immediately. Cooking eggplant neutralizes the toxic substance solanine.


When you think of raw milk, perhaps you think of natural and healthy ones; But rest assured you are very wrong. Unpasteurized milk directly from the cow is highly likely to contain extremely dangerous bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella. According to studies, the risk of causing food poisoning in dairy products is most common in raw milk – we are talking about a risk that is about 150 times higher. Therefore, you should make sure that you do not bring anything other than pasteurized milk into your home. If you insist on raw milk, you need to boil it for at least 10 minutes.