It has changed after 70 years… Here is the royal symbol of King Charles III

Creation Date: September 27, 2022 09:14

England bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, her 70-year-old monarch. With the passing of Charles to the throne, radical changes continue to occur in the country. Buckingham Palace shared the changing royal symbol after 70 years with the public.


Queen Elizabeth II was bid farewell to her last journey with a great ceremony, and many heads of state and country representatives, as well as the Royal Family, attended the funeral at the Westminster Church.

In England, which started the new era with the anthem of God bless the new king, change continues unabated.

With the new king, the symbol of 70 years of royalty has also changed. Buckingham Palace shared the changing royal symbol after 70 years with the public.

in England, King Charles IIIThe royal symbol to be used on government buildings, government documents and mailboxes has been made public.

The symbol was personally chosen by King Charles from among many designs. The symbol includes the first letter of his name, C, and the first letter of the word Rex, which means King in Latin, as well as the number 3.


The symbol of the new monarch will replace King Elizabeth II’s E II R symbol. With the end of the mourning period, the symbol of King Charles will be used.

Changed after 70 years... Here is the royal symbol of King Charles III

The symbol will be used for the first time in the mailroom of Buckingham Palace today and will appear on letters sent from the Royal residences.

There will also be a separate version of the symbol representing the Scottish crown. But symbols on mailboxes and public buildings won’t change immediately.

Mailboxes bearing the symbols of Queen Victoria, Edward 7th, George 5th, 6th and 7th George are still used in England.

Currently, there is the symbol of Queen Elizabeth II on 70,000 mailboxes, which make up 60 percent of the total mailboxes.

Only 170 mailboxes remained from Edward 8th, who abdicated in 1936.

Royal Mail, the Royal Mail Agency, announced that the Queen Elizabeth II symbol will again be placed on the mailboxes under construction and ready to be installed. In public buildings, on the other hand, when the symbol will change is left to the institutions themselves.