It has been claimed that the EU is preparing new sanctions against Russia

According to the news of the Politico website, the EU Commission is working on the content of the new sanctions package against Russia.

The Commission will present its new sanctions package proposal to the EU countries in a few days.

Member states will discuss new restrictive measures such as imposing a ceiling on Russian oil, adding more Russian officials to the sanctions list, banning the purchase of diamonds and luxury products from Russia.

Under the EU’s 6th sanctions package approved in July, crude oil supplies from Russia to Europe by sea are scheduled to end in December.

The G7 countries committed to impose a ceiling price on Russian oil at the beginning of September, but no concrete steps were taken in this regard.

The US wants European countries to immediately impose a ceiling price on Russian oil.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, reacting to the G7 and EU’s plans to impose a ceiling price on Russian oil and natural gas products, said, “We will not send oil, natural gas or coal anything if it goes against our contracts and our interests. The West is not in a position to dictate its terms to us, it is logical. let them think.” had used the phrase.

The so-called people’s councils of the Donetsk and Luhansk administrations in Ukraine’s Donbas region and the so-called administration in Kherson, which is under the control of Russia, announced yesterday that a public vote would be held from September 23 to September 27 for both regions to join the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced partial mobilization this morning and announced that 300,000 reserve soldiers would be called to duty.