It has become a habit in Kazakhstan! They will change the name of the capital again

Not a long time ago, in 2017, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced that they would give up the Presidential System and announced that he had transferred some of his powers to the parliament. It is understood that the steps taken regarding this decision are not very fast. Exactly 5 years later, it was stated that the strengthened parliamentary system was passed last March. “Super Presidential System”was declared repealed.

It is debatable how much the parliamentary system can be returned to, but it is not easy to get rid of the habits of one-man regimes, you know. When they were socialists, the people had more of a say, even their elected representatives, if they failed. “can call back” (This is a socialist rule) Let’s see in Kazakhstan, after the one-man regime of post-socialism, this new “democratic“Will he be able to adapt to the system?

Sadik Tokayev left

Let’s leave the answer to this time and talk about this new development in the country. You may have heard that President Kasım Cömert Tokayev decided to change the name Nursultan, which he personally gave to the capital, to Astana. Earlier this month, a group of lawmakers known as the Zhana Kazakhstan Party (New Kazakhstan), which was established in February to support Tokayev’s long-planned reforms(!), proposed that the capital be renamed Astana, and Tokayev agreed.

I don’t think he did it because he was too democrat. He was deeply devoted to Nazarbayev because he abandoned his allegiance only after protests erupted in the country to Nazarbayev and his family, who were seen as responsible for decades of corruption, which is what happened. He removed many of Nazarbayev’s relatives or close allies from important positions, and opened investigations against some of them. It means that Tokayev had to erase the traces of Nazarbayev, who was hated by the people.

changed six times

Deletion of the dictator’s name from the capital socialism popularized afterdevotion to the cult of the person” It will be a major blow, that’s for sure. But whatever the reason, the capital’s name was changed once more. The country has a capital whose name has been changed six times. This has probably happened to very few cities in the world. In short, if the poor capital was human, it would be depressed because of identity confusion.

This should not have cut Tokayev, as he named an important street, an airport in the commercial capital Almaty, after Nazarbayev. There is still a Nazarbayev University, schools named after Nazarbayev, and parks named Nazarbayev in the country. Just as strangeness is free, some flowers and even a mountain were named after the ex-president.

In a period when the political atmosphere is blowing in his favor, it is obvious that the financial burden of the capital, which was named after Nursultan Nazarbayev with a sycophantic attitude, will be too much. It is not difficult to understand this from the Ministry of Finance’s statement, “don’t worry, we will keep the costs to a minimum”. They admitted that it would be costly, which is nice.

One-man to a certain extent

Nazarbayev’s situation is also exemplary. So it’s not a one-man thing or a permanent state of power. Nazarbayev, the “only man” of all those years, was happy that the flower was named after him. He was so dizzy.

He was the only man in his country. He left the son-in-law first, then the daughter. The people wake up late, they woke up, if they caught it, they would break it, they left too. literally “single man” it is OK now.

No one is around.

I hope the enthusiasts learn a lesson.